Friday, April 29, 2011

KIT with us

Kevin- he is soooooooooooo busy and works on his school about 90 hours a week- I cannot wait to have a real job that works 40-60 hours... thatll be heaven:)But he is taking classes through the Spring an dSummer... so no break for him here:( He might do an internship in Las Vegas but isnt sure if that is what he is supposed to do. He plays basketball at the gym and continues to be the most amazing husband and daddy:)

Here is one of Kevin's projects he was working on. It seems like every problem came up in this project but he endured and got an A.. YAY!!

Missa- I have just been sewing and crafting and of course taking care of my beautiful baby.
Im thinking of selling these on Etsy... I love doing them!!!

Indee- Is getting four teeth on top!!! So she isnt always the happiest but I cant imagine how much pain she is feeling!! We love her sooo much!

Indee lately

Indee is now 9 months old and it's sooo crazy to me.. she has grown soooo fast!!!
Here she is lately....

Indee's first pony tail. Kevin and i couldnt stop laughing. She is soo stinkin cute!

She LOVES her bath time and usually cries when we take her out. But she loves to bend down and drink the water. This is what happened when she had a bubble bath:)

This picture makes me laugh. This was her opening her Valentine's day present. I think this look looks like a "this is all I got?" look. haha

And this is what she got..

Indee's first time on a Harley (children's size). We went on a family date to the Harley store. Kevin got to look at all of his future bikes;)

Indee's toy.. it was new at the time! She loves it.. it sings and lights up. It also allows her to walk all over the apt!

Indee stands up on EVERYTHING. Climbs all over everything and crawls everywhere:)She is doing so well and is sooooooooooo close to walking on her own. All she needs is a little confidence:)

She also feeds herself but is such a picky eater. She went on a 3 week no solids strike and then I finally figured out that she likes sweet potato fries. So I cut everything to look like fries (apples/ sweet potatoes/ squash) It totally works for her. But she will not let us feed her. She is to grown up for that.. lol She now eats everything... We gave her peanut butter already and she did fine. I did it right before her nap and checked on her like every 5 minutes lol.. but she did fine and she loves it! She also LOVES string cheese... I will try to mix the string cheese in with new foods but she knows how to pick around. she will eat only the string cheese and everything will still be on her plate:)

She hasnt been sleeping so well. But I think its due to teething. she is getting all four of her teeth on top at once! And they are coming in sooooooooooooo slow!!! But I am hoping she will be a better sleeper when her teeth get a little better.
(I Love these PJ's from her Auntie Heather)

She LOVES everyone especially other kids. Here are some of her friends...

William... She loved that he was pushing her everywhere...

Eliza is just a week older than Indee... Indee loved hanging out with her!!!

Indee LOVES outside. Whenever the door is open she jets for it! The only thing that is stinky about outside are there are these little woodchips made out of tires that she loves to "taste" and there are these small little bouncy balls that are such a choking hazard!!! So I have to be VERY careful!

She is soo funny on the slide. I will put her at the top and she will scoot till she slides down!!

She now waves hi and good bye whenever we say the words:)
Her carseat is now turned around and she LOVES it.
She talks and sings alllllll the time

She is amazing and of course I think she is the best baby... but i am biased:) She loves me and her daddy and it makes us soo happy. Just last night we were reading scriptures and about to say prayers when Kev said" I think I am just gunna stay like this for a little bit" Indee came up and cuddled up with him:) When he walks through the door she starts jumping up and down!!:)We love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

9 month stats:
19.3 pounds (61%)
29 inches long (93%)
17 inches head circumference (80%)

I am so grateful for my life!

I am beyond grateful to my Heavenly Father for my life and all that I have been blessed with!!

To the world's standards we may not have alot but to me we have EVERYTHING!!!

Kevin and Indee mean EVERYTHING to me and I am so grateful that I can be with them forever. I am so grateful that our Father in Heaven loves me so much that He would allow me to one day have all that he has- a Forever family!! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


While Robin was here a few months ago she had us take a picture of us on campus so that Indee could look back and see where her daddy went to school. Thank you Robin... Im glad that we have this to show her:)

While Grandma was here she took a picture of Indee's poor face... whenever she went down to sleep she woke up with new scratches on her face...

Indee and Halli

Indee has a good friend that she LOVES to play with!!! SHe always has soo much fun and Halli is soooo great to let Indee climb all over her. Sadly she is moving!!!! WE are going to miss her and her wonderful family!!!

Thay had a hard time smiling at the same time:)

These pictures make me smile:)


So Indee and I go to the library almost every week and we have soooo much fun! I read a book to Indee before she goes to bed(naps/ night time) so I have to make sure that we have a variety of books. I dont want to always read the same ones. But I hope that by me reading she will grow up to enjoy reading as much as I do. And when she is older I will do what my mom did... read us chapter books. I loved that time and couldnt wait to snuggle into bed so that I could hear her read!! I hope Indee will like it just as much

But WHile I am at the library I come across some funny books that I bring home to read to Kevin and umm Indee too... Am I a bad parent? lol

Here they are...

I just picked this one up today and have yet to read it:)

How they make me laugh... Fartiste was the funniest and would make an amazing white elephant gift:)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Indee lately

Indee is still as happy as ever. She is soooooooooooo social... always smiling and jibberjabbing to everyone. When she sees other kids she gets sooo excited and wants to grab them. It freaks other parents out and some thinks she is being naughty but she isnt... lol.. she just LOVES your kids! She is crawling all of the place and pulls herself up to her knees... Kevin and our friend Bruce saw her pull herself up to her feet for the first time... Im glad that at least Kevin was able to see it:) She likes to walk along things and will now go from walking along one thing to switching herself over to another. I thought that if she could crawl she would be content but now she just wants to hold onto my fingers so that she can walk everywhere... lol... She loves dirt!! If I put her in the sandbox and turn my head for one second and turn back she has dirt all over her mouth!! YUP!! she loves to eat dirt! When we go to the store and she sees other kids she starts laughing and jumping up and down in excitement! haha.. She will be help by anyone as lon as Im not around. If she sees me shell start whining a little bit and reach for me!! But I am soooooo grateful for how social she is because it allows me to take her to the kids club at the gym!!:)

She has decided that her blankies are going to be her aden+anais blankets that her Aunt Michelle got her! She loves them!!!! I thiknk its so funny because we never encouraged it but because I love them soo much she has always slept with them since birth!! She wont even let me take her out of her crib unless she is holding onto one of the aden+anais blankies! She will crawl all over the house holding onto it:)

About a week ago she was crying at nap time and would not stop so finally I went into her room and she was sitting ... I couldnt stop laughing because it totally took me off gaurd. So I just laid her back down. But now as soon as we put her in her crib she sits right up. For the first few days she would fall asleep sitting up... and then just collapse over... we have cute pics thatll ill post when I get to a working comp! But now she has figured out that she can lay down and sleep.

She is soooooooooo much more cuddly and loves to cuddle with us. Just last night I was sooo tired and it was just me and her. I had on the tv and I was laying down while she played by me with her toys. She crawled over and climbed up on me then laid her head on my chest!! but everytime she was about to go to sleep she would lift up her head:) and if I lay her blankie over my shoulder she will rest on it! lol.. I kinda have to trick her I guess:)

She loves walks .. we walk up by the temple often and I love talking to her about how beautiful it is! Lately we have been walking with other moms in the quad and she loves it because she gets to be around kids.

She has cut her top fang!!! Just one!! so now she has her two bottom and one on top:) She loves to get them brushed and after a few seconds of brushing she will sit there and suck off the tinsy bit of tooth paste that I have on it!

She went about three weeks without eating solids. I dont know why but she just would not eat. She definately wouldnt let me feed her... so I tried seeing if she would feed herself baby food... she wouldnt do that either... So I would put things on her tray and she wouldnt eat that either... finally while we had frineds over i offered her a sweet potato fry and she LOVED it! WEll I dont want her eating junk so I went and bought sweet pot and cut and cooked them to look like a fry and it worked... she ate it... Now I have tried that with apples and she loves that too... I also give her wheat bread and gold fish now.. she has tried a blueberry as well! I think we are starting something good here.. lol.. she had me worried for a bit!!

She now weighs 19.1 lbs and is in 6-9 mos clothing. We just switched her to size three diapers but she is in a size three shoe!!!! Isnt that nuts? lol... I think shell be like me... grow tall and then stop... I have been this tall since sixth grade with a size 7 foot since 6th grade... people used to call me "jolly green giant" lol (now I can laugh about it)- but I have a feeling that Indee will be the same!

Indee LOVES babies... She will smile so big when I hand her a doll and when She sees a real baby and cant get enough... My good friend Jessica will let Indee touch her baby and practice being soft!! Thanks Jess!! Indee loves you guys!!

I could go on FOREVER just talking about all that she is achieving but I need to go for now!!! We love Indee soooooooo much and our love for her continues to grow!


Lately I have gotten a whole new perspective for temples!! And I am sooo grateful!
My bishop encouraged every family to have a name ready to take through the temple by a certain date so that the ward can all go together and take through the name. I so put the task off until very last minute! But about 2 weeks before the set date to take the name through I decided that I would try to figure it out. I am starting with my mom's side because there is alot of work to do. But with Perez as a last name and not knowing what part of Mexico we originate from made it sooo difficult. But I called my mom and she gave me the names that she already had and with the webpage as I put names in they started to connect with names that were already put into the system by AMAZING volunteer indexers! I was able to find a family that had eight children to bring through. When I reserved their names so much emotion came over me that I totally wasnt expecting! And now I have found their parents information and will be bringing their parents through the temple as well. I am soooooooo excited for this family to be sealed together!!!

I am sooooooooooooooooooo grateful for the temples that Heavenly Father has allowed us to have. I love the unity that it brings to our family and friends and the happiness that it offers to all!

I am grateful for the temple because it has allowed me to be sealed for time and eternity to this sexy hunk...

In this gorgeous temple....

So that I can always be this happy with the people that I love...

And I am sooo excited for the people who have come before me, who have given me what I have today to be able to go through.

Thank you to all those who sooo generously take a name for me through the temple so that we can get this rolling...:)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh how I wish our computer was working!!!

I would totally upload pictures and videos but thats right INDEE IS CRAWLING!!! YAY!!! Its soo fun to see her get around!! She is such a cutie!!! Sorry for the no pic post again!!!

PS! Im kinda really excited.. Kevin has decided against doing an internship during the spring/summer... which means that hopefully we will get to go to the river with my family and then spend the rest of the summer having more fun with eachother. Granted he will still be going to school and working but his load right now seems like it will (cross my fingers) be lighter!!! Dinners outside in the sun here we come:)