Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Indee is 6 months!!!

Indee is 6 months and has been for the past couple of weeks!! She is sooooooooooo fun!!! She talks all of the time and has the cutest smile!! When she smiles she scrintches up her nose and pushes her gums together!! I love it!! My favorite that she has been doing is putting her cheek next to mine and her hand on my other cheek!! It melts my heart every time! She has soooooo much personality! She loves playing pick a boo and laughs if you can give her a good "boo." The more she jumps, the bigger the laugh! Her daddy works hard at school but when he gets home she is all smiles. She loves her daddy sooo much!!

One thing thats not so fun but kinda funny- She will not swallow anything that she doesnt like. We gave her some food and she gagged until she threw up so that she wouldnt have to swallow it! Oh man!! We already have a picky eater on our hands!

At 5 months and 26 days Indee weighs 14.9 lbs (31%), is 26.5 inches (80%), and her head is 16.75 inches (56.07). She now sits up really well, eats cereal/meats/fruits/vegies/ and rice puffs, talks/grunts, takes a few steps while holding onto fingers, can feed herself rice puffs (but still is working on perfecting it), eats her toes,has found her right earring, cries for her crib and closes her eyes before the blanket is even over her, is between a size 1-2 diaper, is a size 3-6 months in clothes but 6 mos in pjs and probably 12 months in socks :) She doesnt like fruits (or anything sweet) very much but I have gotten her to eat applesauce mixed with cereal. She loves to open and close her gums pushing them together and pulling them apart! She loves the mirror and when she is cranky I can turn on primary songs and she will calm down. She loves reading The book of mormon stories (She will sit there for 15 minutes just listening and not trying to grab the pages or anything!) She also likes to hear me read her the Book of Mormon while she plays in the bath. Seriously.. can she be any more perfect!! Every day we love her even more and we are continually grateful to our Father in Heaven for knowing us soooo well that he would choose us to send her to! He knew that we needed her to help us to be more like Him!

Indee's First...

So we went to the dr.s because Indee had a broken blood vessel in her eyeball. I had the dr look at one of her earrings that looked infected. He said that she was allergic to the gold plated earrings and needed real gold earrings. I asked him where we should get them? and he said a jewelry store. So we went to the mall and jewelry sales people were bringing out lilke 5th carat diamonds and I told them no way!! My daughter is not having nicer earrings then I have ever had! lol.. so we went to Zales and they had gold earrings. But I think that its soo funny that we had to go to Zales to get her something:)

Can you Flambé meat? We can!!

So I was giving indee a bath and Kevin was getting the dinner together when the fire alarm went off. So I didnt think much of it and got Indee dressed. When I came out I asked what had happened and then looked at the oven. This is what I saw...

lol.. He said that he put pulled out the meat and there were high flames so he threw it back into the oven. If it didnt go out then he was gunna get the fire extinguisher.. haha

now when he cookes I ask if we are gunna have flambéd meat... He doesnt think thats as funny as I do:)

Indee's room

So we came back from staying in nice- real houses the whole vacation and I was kinda bummed to be back in our cinder block wall apt. I asked Kevin if we could move and then right after I said" well maybe Ill just decorate" So he told me to try that first:)

Im proud of how it turned out. I mean its hard to decorate our cinderblock palace but with what I had to work with, I like it. Everything was centered around a blanket that my sister n law, Char, made.

Christmas break

For Christmas break we went to CAlifornia to visit family! But we had sooo much fun that we forgot to take pictures

Kevin rode Ryan's Harley! He loved it! We have this thing where I wont let him get a bike unless he has a full head helmet but he just wants a nutshell helmet. So after spending time on the comp with the guys, looking at pictures of bikes he comes to me and says in the sweetest voice "Do you care if I ride Ryan's bike?" and then holds up the helmet.. lol Needless to say that he totally loved it and cant wait for the day that we can afford a harley!
These pictures are the funniest!! :)

Can you find Jonathan? He ducked down in the very front and Danieele tried to cover him so that he wouldnt get very wet:)

Kevin got to help in making these bones and skulls. His familie's company made them:)They are on Tom Sawyer's Island at Disneyland:)

Indee's First...

Indee's first time swimming. We went up to park City to spend time with Kevin's family and their hotel had a pool. So we took Indee. She loved it and was instantly relaxed when she touched the water!!
Indee's first time at the beach (Huntington Beach) Indee's first time at Disneyland and she loved it.. She loved the crowds of people and all of the colors:) Indee's first plane ride... lol.. bur it was 4am- we both are very tired~:) Indee on the plane!! She did so well. She slept to California and on the way back Indee's first Christmas. She got books:) but loved the wrapping most:) Indee's first time sitting for an extended time:)She has been doing this for a couple of months:) We didnt get a picture of Indee but this was the first time that Indee went to work at Monarch with her dad!:)

Some crafts!!!

So I homemade just about everything for Christmas

Here are a few...

A Family night chalk board plaque..

A calender for the grandparents of Indee's handprints! I will never suggest that anyone do this with a small baby.. she was not cooperative and for every one good handprint we literally had to do 50. But I love how it turned out:)

Crocheted headbands/earwarmers and hats with flowers...

A on the go car mat. There are spots where you can stick cars..

We also did candy apples, marshmellow guns and yea... It was soooo much work and unfortunatley because of all the work I think this next Christmas will all be store bought presents:)