Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cute things Indee has done

Just so that we can remember:

Whenever it's bedtime we ask Indee to go get her passi and she RUNS to go get it!! And then when she sees it she smiles and laughs because she is sooo excited!!

She has been giving sooo many kisses :)

She figured out how to climb into her crib!! She climbs up on her bunk bed and crawls into bed!! It was really cute to watch! She then put the passi in and laid down. So I stopped what I was doing and walked out of her room to let her sleep:)

She went to bed and I found a couple of huge pen marks all over the couch! I dont know where she found the pen? But I actually thought it was really cute... I didnt want to wash it off!! But I did, I just wish I had gotten a picture... I dont know why I thought that was soo cute but it put a big smile on my face:)

We love her sooo much!!! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy 1st


I know this is a month overdue but I finally got my computer to upload a picture! (Grandparents- Ill get pics to you).
It was Indee's BIG 1 Birthday on July 23rd! She is such a blessing to us and I can not get enough of her!! I never thought I could love her this much and everyday I love her sooo much more! She is full of so much vibrance and personality! She is such a good, loving, happy little girl:)

Here are some things she is doing: (I will add to the list as I remember because I will eventually print this for our family journal:))
- She says: Mommy, Daddy, doggy, birdie, ball, no, passi, blankie, amen(or "AH"), baby, hello, hiiiiii, buh bye,
- Runs!!!! She has been walking for the past few months
- Is VERY good at climbing stairs and loves to scare mommy by letting go of the railings.
- Can potty on the toilet- well she has a few times- that counts right? lol
- folds her arms for prayers
- opens books and talks as if she is reading them to me
- Can get things when I tell her to (ex: "Go get your shoes")
- When I say lets go "BYE BYE" she runs to the door and starts pounding on it
- Runs to daddy when he gets home from school
- Can scoot forwards on a little sit down scooter (This took her a while to learn- she went backwards for a long time)
- She claps
- She waves
- She feeds herself and hasnt let us feed her since 8 months old
- goes down for bed without a peep for the most part; sometimes she will cry for her bed
- She will not sit still during a diaper change!
- She loves animals and calls every animal a "doggy"
- she loves babies and gets down to talk to them in baby talk (like adults do to her)
- She pats, shushes, and feeds her babies- She also makes a crying noise for them and hushes them :)
- Fake cries all the time- lol
- Likes to blow bubbles in the bath tub
- Likes to help with laundry, dishes and cleaning
- LOVES outside
- Doesnt get along with babies her own age to well- She always wants their toy and visa versa
- When she wants something she says "MA- MA- MA" until I actually do it
- Gives kisses and hugs when you ask for it
- loves kids
- She thinks that head butting is the funniest thing ever
- pretends like she is talking on the phone
- goes down and up the slide by herself
- jumps on mom and dads bed:) Her fave

Her fave foods:
- grapes
- string cheese
- Mommy's choco weight loss shakes
- Fruit snacks
- Peanut butter and honey sandwiches
- pasta

- She is in 18 mos clothes
- size 5 shoe
- She is growing skinny and tall:)
- I will have percentages when I find the charts

She is so loving and I am sooooooooo grateful that we got to have her!!! I already get sooo stressed thinking about "what if I dont teach her right?", "What if she makes bad decisions?". I know its a little premature, but I love her so much I dont ever want to lose her. I feel like I get a tiny glimpse of what our Heavenly Father must feel when we make bad decisions!!

Indee Rae- We love you more than we can show and say!! You mean the world to us! You are such a sweetheart and I could not have asked for better!! Thank you for making our home so blessed and for making us such proud parents!! :)

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Friday, June 24, 2011

KIT with us

Kevin- Her is interning for GE Dresser in SLC. It has been such a great oppurtunity. He is actually the only engineer intern at this location!! I guess once a month the head HR guy comes to check out everything and he told KEvin that they would like if he came back to work for them!!! Exciting!! We havent made any decisions yet though. He will apply lots of places and see what we are offered... but I am pretty sure he is going to pick this company! We are actually really liking living in Utah and think we might end up here... hopefully in the Draper area!! We are already picking out cities.. lol.
He spends all of his extra time trying to get a motorcycle working so that he can use it to drive to work. Its bitter sweet... he would like for the bike to work now but is learning alot from fixing it!
HE got accepted to be on a team for his capstone. It was a very hard team to get on and only 13 people were accepted!!! So exciting!!! All of his work is paying off!!! This capstone is one of two huge capstones... There are lots of smaller ones. But because it is a bigger one her will be expected to spend 24 hours+ a week on this and that is not including his other classes... So we wont being seeing much of him but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! ONE MORE YEAR!!!
We are soo proud of how hard he works!!!!
He just celebrated his 27th birthday this month!!! :)
He is an amazing hubby and daddy and gives us the time we need and love!! we are soo lucky to have him
Missa- Because I dont have a car during the day I have been walking EVERYWHERE. I walk with a friend and we have been walking about 15-20 miles a week!! ITs been really fun!!! I spend most of my time outside playing with Indee!! There isnt too much going on with me!! I am just loving being a stay at home mom and I hope that that will never have to change:)

We went to a toystore that is sooo amazing!!! If we had money we would totally shop there lol. But they have this funny mirror there!!! Kevin was having alot of fun!!!

Indee lately

Indee is soooooo much fun and has such a personality that blossoms every day!!! She totally thinks she is older than she is... in fact, at church she tried picking up a baby that is three months oldser than her :) She LOVES babies... especially this cutie of a baby, Sydnay. Whenever Indee sees her mom she rushes over to play with the baby! Indee LOVES eyeballs though so we have to be careful:)

She now has 6 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom!! She loves Raisins, Craisins, dried apricot and her absolute fave is String cheese. She is still sooooo social. She has started to walk but is such a fast crawler that she chooses to crawl after walking about 5 steps. She now climbs up slides and will slide down pretty intense ones all by herself!! She is in 12 month clothes and ruins them all.. lol

She LOVES her daddy... when he leaves in the morning she cries. Its cute and sad at the same time. Whenever she sees him she gets the biggest smile on her face and crawls so fast to him!

She LOVES being outside and playing in dirt!! It makes me laugh!! Infact when I give her a bath a ring of dirt forms around the bathtub because she gets soo dirty!! So we have to clean the tub often:) But its soo cute that I totally think its worth it:)

She has been loving to swim with her friends outside!

This was the funniest!!! She didnt want to be in the pool anymore but played in the mud instead!

She loves this car that is outside in the sandbox! The car doesnt have two front wheels or a steering wheel but she still loves it:) In fact lots of kids fight over this toy!

Indee has cute calics in front that make her hair always mohawk. I try to comb it down but it doesnt work very well:)

I thought this was funny... she was done with her breakfast but then I saw her at her chair doing this:)

We took out the baby swing for our friends that came over. After they left Indee loved playing in it. So we kept it out for a few days:)

She is the cutest!!!! We love her soooo much!

California Trip

We were able to go to California a little bit ago and I am just now getting to posting a few pictures. I wasnt great at popping at the camera as much as I should have!

Indee eating the outside of a tangelo at Great Grandma Rigby's...

Great Grandma Rigby...

Yea that yould be my grandma with a chainsaw!!!! She saws down HUGE branches!!! She makes me laugh... I told her that she isnt allowed to use it adn she told me to "Respect my elders".. lol.. I love her!!! What a great woman!!

We got to meet two new babies in my family!! They are sooo cute and Indee LOVED the babies!

Indee trying on some sunglasses... SO cute!!

We had lots of fun in California!!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My new Hobby

Kevin was amazing and got me an amazing present for Mother's day.... Well it was from Indee but we all know who picked it out!! So my favorite channel is the cooking network and I love the shows Cupcake Wars and The Last Cake Standing!! I could sit there and watch it for hours if I had time!!! But I never go to the cake decorating part of stores because I dont want to tempt myself to spend money!!! But Kev knows how much I want to be able to do amazing cakes and cupcakes so he did the shopping for me! He got me everything I needed to start: a cake stand, an icing spatula, frosting tips, couplers, fondant rollers, books and lots more... So he gave me the presents yesterday.
He gave me the cake and cupcake books and then said something like
"I didnt know you had cake decorating things under the bed"
Me- "we dont.. thats just the holiday decorations."
Kev- "no Im pretty sure it was cake decoriting things- just go look", Then he went to practice chipping at the golf course. I didnt go look because I knew I had no cake decorating things under the bed! but I was straightening up our room and looking to see if empty water bottles had fallen under the bed... and thats when I saw everything!! :)

I am actually soo excited about how it turned out!

It is homemade white Fondant....(Missa's husband would like to point out that this is her very first cake. She made the flowers and fondant from scratch!!!)

With homemade/handmade blue gum paste flowers...

And buttercream decorative trim...

Indee lately

Here are few things that Indee has been up to...

So my little sister needed our car one day while her's was in the shop and I needed to go to the library... So I decided that it would be a nice couple mile walk!! And we walked past one of my favorite places and saw these.... So we had to come back with Kev :)

She had so much fun looking at them. She wanted down but with all the duck poo we were not about to let her!

I love little moments like this...

So I dress Indee pretty ... umm.. not cute when we play outside because now that she is crawling she gets EVERYTHING dirty! Kevin thought it was soooo funny and added her water hat. lol Here she is on our porch having a blast...

Indee had been sick with a high fever, vomiting and diarrhea. It has been soooo hard to watch. She is just sooooo sluggish and doesnt want to do much. She definately is losing a ton of liquids. We brought her in to make sure that she is hydrated enough and they said yup and to just keep her hydrated. There is nothing that they can do. She has white spots on her throat as well and they are testing her for Strep. We will find out on Monday. But she did lose a whole pund in just one day. :(

I just laid a blanket over some towels and put her infront of one of the best movies ever. She kept just falling asleep. Out of all the times that she has been sick, i have never seen her this bad!! Its sooooooo sad.

Even when Indee is sick she isnt cranky!! She still her happy self!!! We love her soo much and hope that this passes quickly!

Friday, April 29, 2011

KIT with us

Kevin- he is soooooooooooo busy and works on his school about 90 hours a week- I cannot wait to have a real job that works 40-60 hours... thatll be heaven:)But he is taking classes through the Spring an dSummer... so no break for him here:( He might do an internship in Las Vegas but isnt sure if that is what he is supposed to do. He plays basketball at the gym and continues to be the most amazing husband and daddy:)

Here is one of Kevin's projects he was working on. It seems like every problem came up in this project but he endured and got an A.. YAY!!

Missa- I have just been sewing and crafting and of course taking care of my beautiful baby.
Im thinking of selling these on Etsy... I love doing them!!!

Indee- Is getting four teeth on top!!! So she isnt always the happiest but I cant imagine how much pain she is feeling!! We love her sooo much!

Indee lately

Indee is now 9 months old and it's sooo crazy to me.. she has grown soooo fast!!!
Here she is lately....

Indee's first pony tail. Kevin and i couldnt stop laughing. She is soo stinkin cute!

She LOVES her bath time and usually cries when we take her out. But she loves to bend down and drink the water. This is what happened when she had a bubble bath:)

This picture makes me laugh. This was her opening her Valentine's day present. I think this look looks like a "this is all I got?" look. haha

And this is what she got..

Indee's first time on a Harley (children's size). We went on a family date to the Harley store. Kevin got to look at all of his future bikes;)

Indee's toy.. it was new at the time! She loves it.. it sings and lights up. It also allows her to walk all over the apt!

Indee stands up on EVERYTHING. Climbs all over everything and crawls everywhere:)She is doing so well and is sooooooooooo close to walking on her own. All she needs is a little confidence:)

She also feeds herself but is such a picky eater. She went on a 3 week no solids strike and then I finally figured out that she likes sweet potato fries. So I cut everything to look like fries (apples/ sweet potatoes/ squash) It totally works for her. But she will not let us feed her. She is to grown up for that.. lol She now eats everything... We gave her peanut butter already and she did fine. I did it right before her nap and checked on her like every 5 minutes lol.. but she did fine and she loves it! She also LOVES string cheese... I will try to mix the string cheese in with new foods but she knows how to pick around. she will eat only the string cheese and everything will still be on her plate:)

She hasnt been sleeping so well. But I think its due to teething. she is getting all four of her teeth on top at once! And they are coming in sooooooooooooo slow!!! But I am hoping she will be a better sleeper when her teeth get a little better.
(I Love these PJ's from her Auntie Heather)

She LOVES everyone especially other kids. Here are some of her friends...

William... She loved that he was pushing her everywhere...

Eliza is just a week older than Indee... Indee loved hanging out with her!!!

Indee LOVES outside. Whenever the door is open she jets for it! The only thing that is stinky about outside are there are these little woodchips made out of tires that she loves to "taste" and there are these small little bouncy balls that are such a choking hazard!!! So I have to be VERY careful!

She is soo funny on the slide. I will put her at the top and she will scoot till she slides down!!

She now waves hi and good bye whenever we say the words:)
Her carseat is now turned around and she LOVES it.
She talks and sings alllllll the time

She is amazing and of course I think she is the best baby... but i am biased:) She loves me and her daddy and it makes us soo happy. Just last night we were reading scriptures and about to say prayers when Kev said" I think I am just gunna stay like this for a little bit" Indee came up and cuddled up with him:) When he walks through the door she starts jumping up and down!!:)We love her sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

9 month stats:
19.3 pounds (61%)
29 inches long (93%)
17 inches head circumference (80%)

I am so grateful for my life!

I am beyond grateful to my Heavenly Father for my life and all that I have been blessed with!!

To the world's standards we may not have alot but to me we have EVERYTHING!!!

Kevin and Indee mean EVERYTHING to me and I am so grateful that I can be with them forever. I am so grateful that our Father in Heaven loves me so much that He would allow me to one day have all that he has- a Forever family!! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


While Robin was here a few months ago she had us take a picture of us on campus so that Indee could look back and see where her daddy went to school. Thank you Robin... Im glad that we have this to show her:)

While Grandma was here she took a picture of Indee's poor face... whenever she went down to sleep she woke up with new scratches on her face...