Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introducing our little girl...

Indee Rae was born on July 23 at about 320ish am- 8 lbs 5 ounces- 20 1/2 inches long :) So she was definately a bigger one:) I was afraid the newborn clothes wouldnt fit but they do:) which is good because she has soooooooo many cute outfits:)

So heres the story....

My water started to break a week ago and we went to the hospital, but because it was a tiny tear they couldnt detect amniotic fluid, so they sent us home. We went back tot he drs a couple days later for the same thing. Again, the same thing. That night it got a little bit worse so we went into Labor and Delivery as soon as we woke up the next morning. They said it wasnt looking and sounding normal so they decided to keep me and that to make sure everything is ok they were going to deliver her within 24 hours. I was only at a 1 1/2 (disheartening) so they started to give me pills to try to get things started before giving me pitocin. On the third dose they checked me and I was only at a 2 1/2. More disheartening because I was in a lot of pain. So they gave me pain meds through the iv. It helped for a little bit but then my contractions shot WAAAAAYY up. So I got the epidural (I dont know why I was ever not going to). They checked me an hour after the epidural and I was at a 6. Then a half hour later I was at a 10. The nurse asked If i wasnted to start pushing. It all happened so much wuicker than I thought. I freaked out and and told them I would like to wait. So they came back 45 min later and we started. She was born at about 320 am healthy. She wasnt crying. So they kept trying to make her cry and after a few minutes they gave up :) She has jaundice and has had to keep getting blood tests. SOOOO sad. I cried more than she did. We go to the drs today to see if she needs to be put under the lights. (Sry for the grammer and spelling mistakes... Im not going back and corresting anything)

Here she is.....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Before/ Now



Kevin said that he cant remember how I was before being pregnant which, thank goodness, is a blessing in and of itself because then he wont be disappointed when I have the baby! LOL But I cannot believe that I actually used to not have a belly :)

37 1/2 weeks

So Im actually about 38 weeks now but this picture was taken on Sunday:)I feel GINORMOUS and I cant wait to wear my normal clothes again:) I also cant wait to start running:) But the pregnancy has been pretty good. She has been tearing my tummy muscles, so thats not very fun. But seriously besides that i feel great. I have been walking a ton. Shes dropped... I jumped off of a bucket and felt her drop.. lol.. sometimes I forget I cant do normal things (like jump off of a bucket). I also tend to run into everything. I forget how big my belly is. I cant sit up very well by myself which made for a fun laugh yesterday when i was trying to get off of a water float. I've also been wanting to eat dessert all of the time. Before the pregnancy I definately didnt eat dessert like this; maybe once a week. But now, seriously at least once a day! But my weight gain is good. Right on track, so at least it hasnt messed with that:) We set up her pack n play. Kevin wanted to wait to set it up when we got home from the hospital, but I couldnt wait any longer:) I wanted to put all the cute blankets that everyone has made for her out! The closer the date gets, the more freaked out I get. AND I have been freaking out that she is going to be a he. lol. I dont know why... im pretty sure the ultra sound tech was right. Kevin says that I am just finding things to worry about, which is totally true:) Everything is sanitized, folded, organized, scrubbed, vacumed, dusted :) and ready for her to be here:)

So here are all of her headbands:

And bows:

Isnt it nuts? But I love it and cant wait to put them on her... She will always have something in her hair/ on her head!!! I told Kevin whenever he dresses her she has to have a bow.. no exceptions.. lol