Thursday, February 3, 2011

KIT with our family!!

Kevin- Is now applying to Internships which is wayyyyy exciting because it is one step closer to being done with school!! He had two interviews today to REALLY great companies!! He even applied to one in NEtherlands!! WHAT?? lol... wouldnt that be fun? So he is soooooo busy with that on top of his huge school load and work! He is now on a intermural basketball which he really likes. He has never played on a league but is really good. It was funny, I couldnt go to one game because Indee was soooo sick and he came home saying that one of the guys on his team kept yelling for him to do something and was even getting mad with him. Kevin didnt know what the term meant. He said that he was gunna ask the team before the next game:) He makes me smile!! He is such a great dad and makes sure that he comes home for family and couple scripture and prayer before Indee goes down for bed and then gets right back to school for another few hours! He truly is amazing and I am sooo grateful for a husband who keeps Heavenly Father and his family his main priorities!

Missa- I have been on an organizing craze! I have gone through and reorganized everything! I kept accumulating more crafts and such so I needed to better organize them! I hate having clutter or mess so it is nice to have that stuff out of the way! beyond that I am not doing much- I clean and do crafts in my spare time. but I try to give Indee alot of attention so that we can play and have fun together!!

Indee- She is now going to the gym day care while I work out!! It has been amazing!!! I can take her 2 hours a day, except for sunday. I drop her off and go workout! I love it because I am right there. I can check in on her when I want and if she is fussy they will find me- Which I really like because then i dont have to worry about if she is having a hard time in there! Some days i will just take her and stretch a little bit. Its really nice to just have some me time sometimes even though She and Kevin are always on my mind:)

I love Indee!

Indee gave us a scare!! She got sick for the first time! She went to bed perfectly healthy and then woke up struggling to breath but not caughing at all! We rushed her to the ER and they rushed her right back (mostly cause there was a crying mother- Me!). The dr came in and diagnosed her with croupe. They gave her steroids and sent her home:) But the next few days she had a HIGH fever of 103 with tylenol! So we brought her back to the drs and they said she just had a viral infection with a bad sore throat!! She couldnt sleep- One night Kevin stayed up the whole night with her (Kevin gladly volunteers because I dont do very well on no sleep- He is amazing). We also had to force feed her with a syringe! that was not fun and sooooooo sad!! She would cough and then cry because it hurt her so bad- she would just look at me like i was causing the pain.. I cried lots for her!! It was the saddest thing!!! I am tearing up just thinking about what it was like!!

Indee really has helped me to realize the love that our Father in heaven has for each one of us and especially His love for me! There is nothing that indee could ever do to make it so that I wouldn't love her. As she learns and grows I love her more and more! And our Father in Heaven's love is greater than ours!! HE must REALLY love us!! So remember that you are a daughter (or son) of God and that there is nothing that you can do to make it so that our Father in Heaven wouldnt love you! He does and always will!!