Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sick Family.....

I was soo looking forward to getting Kevin for a long weekend!!! He even got his homework done so that we can spend the whole weekend with eachother! And that we did!!!
Kevin was sick during the week with the flu/head cold. Then on Friday I got it! But we still went out to Wendy's for a family date and noticed that Indee had a fever blister on her top lip. She also wouldnt eat anything but a vanilla frosty. The next morning we woke up and Indee had more of a rash. She also has eczema so we just thought it was that and lotioned her up.
But on Sunday the rash turned into blisters. We took her to Urgent care and the Dr acted as if he knew what it wasnt but you could totally tell that he didnt. He even said he didnt think it was contagious. He did send her to the hospital to do blood work and gave her an antiviral medicine.
But on Monday it was worse. So we took her back in and luckily her Dr was in that day! He said that he thinks it is Chicken pox and Shingles together but that he had never seen such a bad case so he decided to bring in another dr so that he could assess the situation as well. They both agreed with our dr's diagnoses and both said that they had never seen it so bad. Usually shingles only attacks one side of the body but in Indee's case it attacked both sides of her nervous system. It got so bad that she couldnt walk so he prescribed her a really strong pain killer. Luckily she hasnt itched any but they are scabbed over so I think she is over the contagious part but I am keeping her in today just to make sure. It was such a horrible thing to see and brought me to tears many times! She had it all over her mouth and down her throat so for two whole days she ate literally nothing, but luckily she would still sip a little bit of liquids.

And then to top it off Monday night Kevin got horribly sick! I thought it was the flu but it turns out it was food poisoning from my cooking him food. It was sooo awful! I have never seen anyone be so sick! Luckily he doesnt hold it against me and is still eating what I cook.

It was definately an emotional week for me to watch the ones I love most get so sick and to be so helpless in making them better!

Here are a few pictures of Indee. She wouldnt let us take very good ones because it was soo painful for her to even move...

We were so taken care of by our friends!!! Thank you all.... We got meals dropped off on our door steps... clorox wipes to make sanitizing easier and errands run for me!!! It was very touching seeing how much people cared for us and it helped me soooooo much!!!

Indee Rae

Indee loves when daddy comes home and plays with her!!! I can seriously be trying to make her laugh all day and all Kevin has to do is walk through the door... I love how much she loves him:)

Kevin usually will give Indee a bath at night and this is what she comes out looking like everytime. He thinks its soo fun to make her hair crazy:)

Indee loved going to Baby's R Us because she and Daddy played with all the toys there while mom got everything we needed:)

Indee loves painting.. I went to Micheal's and got washable paints and now she always asks to paint:)

We love Indee Rae sooooooo much:) She is comprehending so much more and is getting a sense of humor. She is always trying to trick us by pretending to hand us things and then taking it back while laughing. Her hair is now long enough for me to put a teeny tiny pony tail in. I think it looks cute:) We are having soo much fun watching her learn and grow.

Christmas cont.

We weren't able to get to California this year for Christmas so my sister came back with lots of presents from my family. Indee was in heaven. Indee definately did better opening these presents. Maybe its because she liked their presents better than ours. lol She had a blast with everything that she got. It was 10 pm and normally by then she is soo excited for bed but when Ia sked her if she wanted to go get her passi she said no :)

Thank you everyone! She seriously loves EVERYTHING that everyone gave her... She sure has alot of people who love her!

Indee's Xmas

So for Christmas we spent some time with Kevin's family up in Brianhead... It was really fun!!

Every day the grandkids got to open a Christmas gift which was an activity to do. Indee especially loved the play dough and moon dough.

I stole these pictures from Kev's cousin's blog. I forgot to charge our camera!! oopsies..

Kevin's mom came to visit and so we all went to the Salt Lake Temple to see the lights. I was sooo cold!!!!

We ran into some friends there and Indee loved seeing them and playing!!! She was soo excited:)

Indee wasnt so sure about all of the presents. She didnt really open them and so I helped. After we opened the first one she went into the kitchen to eat. lol.

Playing with her neew toys before church started.

This is how we spent the rest of Christmas... Lounging out. She would get mad every time I stopped massaging her

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

just a teaser

We got some pictures done for maternity and of Indee... they turned out soo cute... They are still being edited:) But she did give me one unedited because i couldnt wait to have it!!! :)

If you are interested in the photographer here is a link:


Kevin- He is finishing his second to last semester.. he is going to take spring semester as well. Then, we are headed to Indiana to work for Cummins. Crazy huh? Who woulda' ever thunk???

Missa- Just waiting for this baby to come! :) I am finishing sewing/crochet projects that I will blog about later!

Indee- testing limits and very curious as to how things work! She loves to talk and do everything that we are doing! She loves singing, dancing, and playing with her friends!

My life...

I live for these two!!!! They are the best things that have happened to me!!! How wonderful it is that our Heavenly Father provided a plan for each of His children to have a family of there own! They both make me laugh and smile on a daily basis!

Kevin is the hardest worker I know. He spends between 50-80 hours a week just on school. Sometimes its more than a 100 hours which doesnt leave him time to sleep. I know he works so hard so that he can provide for us. He is an amazing Father and Husband! He is always so willing to do whatever it takes to make us happy. Even when he is so busy but can see that I need him he will skip classes/ come home early to be there with me!! He is always sacrificing for us and I am so grateful he chose me to be his wife!

Indee teaches me what perfection should be. SHe is so innocent and loving. She loves me and makes me feel like i am everything!

I seriously love my little family sooo much and cant wait to add to it very soon:)


Indee is growing up so quick! She loves to do things that we are doing. She takes the sponge to wipe off the counter, uses the water to wash her face in the sink, tries to brush her own teeth, puts on our shoes:

She is just sooo much fun to watch grow. She is already such a good little mommy:

We went to a live nativity and it was freezing... so we made sure she was warm

Feeding ducks:) This was the day before Thanksgiving:

Halloween cont...

Indee was a cow for Halloween! SOOO Cute...

So we went up to a door and knocked.. the lady was laughing so I looked down at Indee and this is what she looked like....


We took Indee to the pumpkin patch for Halloween this last year! She had so much fun running around!!! They had animals, playgrounds, mazes, haunted houses, and pumpkins. So fun!!!

I made her a little dress...

went to Denny's to eat dinner:) Indee had fun blowing bubbles

Monday, January 9, 2012

So much was missed

So our computer broke but we were able to get a new one for Christmas. So, now I can blog again:)

Just a few fun pictures with a TON more to come!!!

Indee helping mommy make brownies! But she was eating so much of them!:

Indee is soo lady like eating with her feet on the table:)

She loves Yogurt:

We went to see daddy at school with Uncle Pat:

Indee loves to draw! Look at what our little artist did: