Sunday, October 31, 2010


So I took Indee to BYU to a little Halloween activity! It was really fun... they had lots of games, candy, and jump houses! AND it was all free! Soo Fun!!

Kevin was able to take a small break and come meet us!!!

We also went with these two cuties!!! Theyve become our best buds!!

So the kid's wanted me to go down the slide.. I felt really weird cuz I was the only adult! lol... so I tried getting them to want Kevin to go with them but they wanted me.. so I set my pride aside and went down!! :) It was fun... Kevin tried to capture us going down but the camera missed it:) So after we got down he told me to make a sad face!! lol.. WHy? I have no idea!!

Indee's mermaid costume....

So It has been pretty chilly here lately and on halloween night it was POURING!!! So we decided to nix the mermaid outfit and put her in the bear outfit so that shed stay warmer and yes we took her trick or treating:) Dont worry, we will save the candy for her when shes old enough to eat it!! lol... just kidding.. we've already eaten soo much of it!! haha

Here she was ready to go to the pumpkin patch!! We got there and it was rainging so hard that we decided to try it again next year:( But Indee was happy either way :)

Indee Laughing!!

So Indee really hasnt laughed but Kevin came home from Home Teaching and got this out of her:)...

Saturday, October 23, 2010


So Indee is loving to sit up and/or stand! Mostly stand!!! You can tell that she hates being in one spot and is wanting to be everywhere... when we lay her down she always tries soooo hard to sit up. You cant really tell from this picture but she is trying hard to sit up and this is what she is watching!!! She actually really likes watching football!

We were trying to upload a video but will take another one when Indee gets up from her nap:) It was of her yelling (happily) and standing:)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

KIT with our family!!

Indee- Brings the strongest Spirit into our home that I am sooo grateful for! She really teaches me whats really important and I am sooo grateful to Heavenly Father for intrusting us with her!! She is sooo happy and just wants to smile. She always smiles when we are putting her to bed, especially when we go back in to syick her passy in. That makes it hard to not pick her up and snuggle with her. Talk about snuggling... she doesnt really like to do that much with me but LOVES to snuggle with Kevin!!! Its the cutest thing but I wish shed snuggle with me!! :) I am trying to work with her on rolling.. She twists her whole body and almost can roll from her tummy to her back by herself!! She definately scoots her self though. Its funny. I will lay her on one side of the carpet and come back and she is turned around on the other side of the carpet. How she actually got there? I have no idea. She is continuing to chew on her hands and is starting to be able to grasp toys and stick them in her mouth!! She continues to sleep about 8 or 9 hours a night which is really nice! She goes down around 730-8ish and that gives Kevin and I time to hang out for a little bit(when Kevin can be home. She is now in 3 month clothing and growing so much. Alot of people tell me how skinny she is and it makes me feel sooo bad. lol... I want her to pudge up so that I know I am feeding her enough:) But she is super long!!! We love having her in our home sooooo much!

Kevin- IS seriously more busy than ever!! He leaves our home between 6 and 7 am and TRIES to be home by 7pm but sometimes cant until 11pm. Which is hard for me but I am sure its even harder for him!!! He continues to be an amazing dad and husband!!! He is loving football. Their team is doing really well and everyone always comments on how good of a QB he is:) Its sooo fun watching him play!!

Missa- I am just working on XMAS presents when I get a chance. ITs going very slow because when Indee is awake I try and give her all my attention:) Ive been trying to work out when Kevin can come home early from school:) And a sad thing happened!! I ran over my camera!! UGH!!! We are gunna try to buy one at Thanksgiving but that means for a month we wont have a camera to take picture of Indee with:( But this week I am gunna go get her Halloween pictures done. I am really excited and I hope they turn out:)

Praying hands...

So she put her hands together and it sooo reminded me of praying hands! Really she was just chewing on them:) You cant tell from the picture but daddy was smiling at her and getting her to smile sooooo big! I love her soooo much:)

PS.. I love her eyes!!! I am sooo surprised that they are the way they are!!! Kevin and I both have dark brown eyes!!

Indee Rae- 12 weeks!!

So before our camera broke I took some pictures!!!

I made Indee some jeans while she was napping... The only jeans she has are too big so I used some jean material I had. But since she was asleep I didnt measure her and they are pretty big. But I put them on her anyways. I tried taking pics of them on her but she was sooooooooooooooooo tired! as you can tell....
Kevin calls this the breakdance picture:)...

Her jeans...

I seriously love her eyelashes!!! Everyone always comments on them! Even when we just had her and she was covered in gunk the nurses were like "look at her eyelashes". Kevin and I were like how the heck can they tell how long her eyelashes are.. lol

She will only sleep in her carseat if the carseat is moving (car, shoppingcart). But here she is when we got home from daddy's FB game!

Indee wouldn't look at the camera so daddy helped her:)

So in the morning I will lay Indee down under her play mat and she always manages to turn herself all the way around. Her head was originally by the elephants nose:)

This is what Indee looks like when she gets into her deep sleep:) I love it!! But what I dont love is that she loves things around her face when she sleeps... What I have to do is put blankets by her cheeks and she will immediately fall asleep... which is nice but then I have to stay awake for a while and wait for her to be in her deep sleep so that I can take the blankets away!!!:)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

About us....

Missa... I have been sewing, crocheting... crafting it up over here!! I am sooooo excited bacuase I am doing Christmas presents! They are all gunna be homemade!! and I think that its good homemade stuff... stuff ud normally buy!! So I am wayyy excited...:) I also made Indee's costume (a mermaid in case u couldnt tell from previous pictures). But I am having a blast!!! And I Love my calling! It gives me an excuse to stop by and see the new babies in the ward and to socialize and meet new people. I am on the compassionate service commitee and I am over the new moms/ babies in the ward! So I basically just make sure that they get meals!!! But it has been soo much fun going around to people's apartments and getting to know them! Indee and I are making LOTS of new friends!!:)

Kevin- He is busier than ever!! He is gone for 12+ hourse of the day and when he gets home he doesnt reat but helps me with Indee (he's amazing!!). He plays indoor soccer on Tues and Thurs nights and really likes it:) He is enjoying football ALOT! He is helping me with some of the Christmas gifts (I am too afraid to use his saw) ANd he got me my Birthday present early- Beauty and the Beast- well I actually got it and when he got home I showed him what he got for me! lol

Indee- She is now sleeping at least 8 hours a night (knock on wood) sometimes 10!! Instead of feeding her during the night I will put her passy in. If she still fusses after a few minutes then I will feed her but most of the time she just goes right back to sleep! Its been sooo nice! She is becoming aware of so much more. She just discovered her feet- She sat there for like 15 minutes staring at them and moving them up and down. IT was sooo funny/ cute! She is drooling soo much! I was afraid she was teething but she isnt.. the dr said that her saliva glands are just mturing but boy are they maturing:) The drs also thinks she has acid reflux. She doesnt spit up too much but the dr thinks that it is causing her to hurt which explains the fussiness. Its soo sad though... She SCREAMS after every feeding... Its still so hard for her/us to get those burps out :( She has been colicy the last little while and we did find a supplement that helped but it also gave her hives.. so we nixxed that! But she is soo fun! I love watching her grow and learn!! AWW she is AMAZING!! I still cant wait to have more:)(well I can but I really want more)

Daddy and Indee

Kevin is the most amazing husband and dad!! I am soooo grateful that he chose me to be with forever!! I definately got the better end of the deal:)

So what have we been up to?

Since its getting cold, I made this hat!! I think she looks sooooo cute in it!

And I made her Halloween outfit!!! I dont think this picture shows how cute it is... lol I am proud of myself!! haha

Indee got her first hair cut(shave). So she had all this hair on the sides of her head but not on the top. So we tried to take away the "old man" due but she kept keeping her head up so she still kinda has a mullet.. but thats okay!! We still think she is the cutest:)

So again... I was taking care of Indee and didnt gt the best shots.. but this was Kevin playing football...

And Indee cheering Daddy on... I love her eyes:)