Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cute things Indee has done

Just so that we can remember:

Whenever it's bedtime we ask Indee to go get her passi and she RUNS to go get it!! And then when she sees it she smiles and laughs because she is sooo excited!!

She has been giving sooo many kisses :)

She figured out how to climb into her crib!! She climbs up on her bunk bed and crawls into bed!! It was really cute to watch! She then put the passi in and laid down. So I stopped what I was doing and walked out of her room to let her sleep:)

She went to bed and I found a couple of huge pen marks all over the couch! I dont know where she found the pen? But I actually thought it was really cute... I didnt want to wash it off!! But I did, I just wish I had gotten a picture... I dont know why I thought that was soo cute but it put a big smile on my face:)

We love her sooo much!!! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy 1st


I know this is a month overdue but I finally got my computer to upload a picture! (Grandparents- Ill get pics to you).
It was Indee's BIG 1 Birthday on July 23rd! She is such a blessing to us and I can not get enough of her!! I never thought I could love her this much and everyday I love her sooo much more! She is full of so much vibrance and personality! She is such a good, loving, happy little girl:)

Here are some things she is doing: (I will add to the list as I remember because I will eventually print this for our family journal:))
- She says: Mommy, Daddy, doggy, birdie, ball, no, passi, blankie, amen(or "AH"), baby, hello, hiiiiii, buh bye,
- Runs!!!! She has been walking for the past few months
- Is VERY good at climbing stairs and loves to scare mommy by letting go of the railings.
- Can potty on the toilet- well she has a few times- that counts right? lol
- folds her arms for prayers
- opens books and talks as if she is reading them to me
- Can get things when I tell her to (ex: "Go get your shoes")
- When I say lets go "BYE BYE" she runs to the door and starts pounding on it
- Runs to daddy when he gets home from school
- Can scoot forwards on a little sit down scooter (This took her a while to learn- she went backwards for a long time)
- She claps
- She waves
- She feeds herself and hasnt let us feed her since 8 months old
- goes down for bed without a peep for the most part; sometimes she will cry for her bed
- She will not sit still during a diaper change!
- She loves animals and calls every animal a "doggy"
- she loves babies and gets down to talk to them in baby talk (like adults do to her)
- She pats, shushes, and feeds her babies- She also makes a crying noise for them and hushes them :)
- Fake cries all the time- lol
- Likes to blow bubbles in the bath tub
- Likes to help with laundry, dishes and cleaning
- LOVES outside
- Doesnt get along with babies her own age to well- She always wants their toy and visa versa
- When she wants something she says "MA- MA- MA" until I actually do it
- Gives kisses and hugs when you ask for it
- loves kids
- She thinks that head butting is the funniest thing ever
- pretends like she is talking on the phone
- goes down and up the slide by herself
- jumps on mom and dads bed:) Her fave

Her fave foods:
- grapes
- string cheese
- Mommy's choco weight loss shakes
- Fruit snacks
- Peanut butter and honey sandwiches
- pasta

- She is in 18 mos clothes
- size 5 shoe
- She is growing skinny and tall:)
- I will have percentages when I find the charts

She is so loving and I am sooooooooo grateful that we got to have her!!! I already get sooo stressed thinking about "what if I dont teach her right?", "What if she makes bad decisions?". I know its a little premature, but I love her so much I dont ever want to lose her. I feel like I get a tiny glimpse of what our Heavenly Father must feel when we make bad decisions!!

Indee Rae- We love you more than we can show and say!! You mean the world to us! You are such a sweetheart and I could not have asked for better!! Thank you for making our home so blessed and for making us such proud parents!! :)

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