Friday, November 2, 2012


Kevin- He is still busy at work. He says he is even more stressed with work then he was with school. Which must mean he is super stressed! Right now he is working on fixing the old car so that we can sell it. He would like to get a road bike and bike to work. I asked him about the snow and rain and he said he didnt care. lol.. we will see how that works. I know I wouldnt ride a bike in the snow and rain:) He comes home to eat lunch with me almost everyday. HE is sooo amazing! He seriously doesnt come hom and ever sit. He wrestles with the kids while I get dinner going then helps with their baths and dishes. I soo lucked in on Kevin!! Me- Just taking care of the kids:) Indee- She is potty trained. Even at night! She has done so amazing. We struggled for a few weeks and then said a SMALL prayer one night. The next morning a small thought came to not put any underwear or pull ups on her. And it seriously clicked instantly. She didnt necessarily like it at first but it worked. We are still working on her number 2's. She is also signed up for gymnastics starting this saturday!! I think she will love it. Krewson- Our poor son has had 8 ear infections his whole life. They keep coming back and so he is prescribed a stronger antibiotic everytime. We finally were able to get into the ENT dr and they said he needs tubes. So he has been crawling/pulling himself up for the past 3-4 months and hasnt developed past crawling. The dr said he probably wont without the tubes because his ears are full of soo much fluid. Right now Krew hears everything as if he is underwater. My poor boy. Its considered a surgery so he will have it done at the surgical center. He will be ut under for 4 minutes and it will take 2 minutes to put the tubes in. Due to the expense of it and our high deductibles our house hunting will be on hold:) To be honest I kind of dont want to move into a house because I REALLY want to go back to cali in 5 years or so. We will probably flip a house within that time but we will see. We may end up here forever!!

The happenings here in Columbus

This is what I found!!!!!!!!! I almost died. I took Indee's little seat off the toilet so that I could close the lid and there it was!!! Oh my gosh. Our friend wanted it for her preschool class so I made Kevin catch it. lol. he admitted he was a little scared after the fact
Indee's best friend. His mom and i switch babysitting each week so that we can get things done that we need. It has been wonderful!
And this was on our real estate agents window. It made me laugh. We really are in the country of Indiana:)

Chilly Columbus

It has been pretty chilly here staying under 50 so we have been doing this alot to save on bills. Oh my goodness it is awesome. It just gives such a homey lovey atmosphere. We have been loving it!

Happy Hippie Halloween!

So we decided to be Hippies this year!! :) We started Halloween out by going to our friend's ward party on Saturday. Then Indee had a little party with her school and got to decorate her very own pumpkim. We then went to a Halloween party at ur church and she got soooo much candy. Then Halloween night we went to a friend's get together and ate dinner. We left Krew with the party and took Indee out to trick or treat. After about 4 houses she tripped and got hurt. I dont know why it triggered her thought but she then noticed Krew wasnt with us and freaked out. She must have thought we forgot him somewhere. Poor girl. She sure loves him!
The kids wouldnt cooperate so you cant get the full effect of the costumes
I made Indee's outfit and she really liked it. lol. It was funny to watch her walk around in the pants. She thought she was a movie star.
We could not stop laughing at this one. So many people came up to take his picture because it was just too funny!! His outfit was sking tight:)


So I have done a little sewing. Well actually alot. Ive made more than this just havent taken pictures. But I love to sew. I just wish material wasnt so expensive...


SO I went to a salon and got a horrible haircut. Like the worst I had ever gotten. Indee would have cut it better! But a friend said she goes to FAntastic sams and really likes it... so I did too! And I like it:)
Kevin lost a bet at work. It was with the BYU V. Notre Dame game. I guess a guy he worked with went to Notre Dame and so they bet on the game. The school/person who lost had to do this:)

Monday, October 22, 2012

KIT with us

I know it has been soooooooooooo long since I posted and I am hoping that this will be a new start to a better blogger:) We are slowly house hunting! We dont want to rush it but we are looking for a fixer upper. So that should be fun:) Kevin- He is soooo busy at work! But thats a good thing:) HE is able to come home for lunch alot of days which is soo nice! I love spending as much time with his as I can. HE is going to start mountain bike riding with some guys from work I am glad he'll be able to do that! Missa- I have been sewing lots:) Ill post the things later. I am also trying to find new things for our family to do! I am surprised at how much there is to do here in COlumbus. Indee- Is potty training. She is doing so well. she has had a few accidents and has trouble going number 2 in the toilet. in fact we have yet to see that happen:) Krew- is so happy and big. in the 3% for height and 63% for weight so he is short and chubby:) I LOVE it! He is crawling and climbing himself up on EVERYTHING but he has no desire to walk. He wont even walk whie holding my fingers! I love my family and I am so blessed to be able to have them! Columbus is warming up to me:) but i am so grateful that we have this great oppurtunity to be here:)

President Linda Burton

So yup she came here to Indianapolis. Our stake president asked her to come and she said YES! I really needed to hear her speak. She spoke on Temples and the blessings it can bring to your home, family, marriage, and your neighbors around you. So I think I will try harder to make it to the temple and maybe that will help things feel better here:) We are going to have a temple built in Indianapolis. The dedication is in 2 years:) Until then we will travel to Louisville, KY and go there. Its about 2 hours away.


To be totally honest I have been having a really hard time here in Columbus lately. Its hard going from a place like Wymount where I can see friends everyday and also have friends for Indee to play with to not really having that. I know that knowwhere else on earth will be like it was in Wymount but I wish I could bring it with me everywhere I go. :) But Kevin has been so good in trying to make it better for the both of us. So after we put the kids to bed he did this for me...
But Indee kept yelling for something else literally from 730pm-1030 pm. We had 2 poopie pullups in that time as well! lol... but it was still fun even if every 5 minutes we had to do something else for her! lol

Sick in Columbus

My kids have had some bad coughs here in Columbus. They got them in utah too. But this particular day they lounged out in PJS all day and watched movies. My poor babies

Indee in Columbus

I think Indee has had a harder time being here. She came from a place where she could play with the same friends every day, almost all day. And now its hard to be able to do. Practically impossible. I try to take her somewhere every morning or most mornings. But she doesnt play with kids like she used to and she has a REALLY hard time playing with new people. She just doesnt. After at least an hour of encouraging her to play with someone new she will but by then we or they are leaving. I feel bad for her. Here she is after dressing herself:)
She LOVES helping me. If I am doing dishes, she wants to help. IF I am cooking, she wants to help. If I am cleaning the bathroom, she wants to help. She is always finding ways to help me:)
At the firestation with her joyschool class. She liked it until the fireman got dressed into his gear. She lost it after that. She was so freaked out.
Proof that she loved this car at some point so that when she turns 16 she cant complain:) lol
This "meow" used to hang out by our house and she loved to play with it. IT was great because we got a pet without having to do anything for it! :) Sadly our neighbors moved and took the kitty with them. No more free pets!
Indee on her first horse ride. We went to Apple Works apple orchard. It was so fun. She rode a choo choo train, rode on a horse, got to pet animals, play in hay and all kinds of fun stuff. We were going to take a hay ride and pick our own pumpkin but we had a melt down so we went and ate dinner instead:)
She never stops making me laugh! She is soo fun! Here she is picking the coins out of the fountain! lol... I made her put them back...

Krewson in Columbus

Krewson is soo happy all the time. In fact when we took him in for his 6 mos check the nurse asked if he was always that happy. I said yes. Then we saw the dr. He came in and told us KRew had a very bad ear infection in BOTH ears!! The dr said if he were to rate it with 10 being the worse he would give it a 10! I felt so bad. Krew was just too happy for me to think anything was wrong. He does get ear infections so often and so bad that he does need tubes. Poor guy. We meet with the ENT on Halloween to sched a date! Here he is with a truck from Papa Mark
Our happy boy..
This is when I decided that he had outgrown his bassinet. lol. He's just a little crunched in there. Dont you think?
Having fun with mommy while daddy looks for glasses
His first big bonk on his head. I seriously cant remember how he got it.

Columbus Parks

So the parks here are AMAZING. I have never seen parks like I have here. And a major plus is they are FREE!! YAY! So needless to say we go often. This is the Commins! Indee loves climbing up the ship and insists that Kev or I go with her. Because Kevin is working I am usually the one that goes with her. Its pretty difficult scooting through the teeny spaces with Krew:)
Daddy is in trouble:) Indee is in love with this little boy Jack. His family moved up here from BYU about thte same time we did. They love playing together.
Indee Loves pushing Krew in the swing and Krew loves getting pushed in the swing by her:) They have so much fun together (alot of the time)

Fun times in Columbus

It was so hot when we got here. Litereally over 100 degrees aith 100% humidity. I had NEVER felt something that bad as to when I came here. So of course we would go and get ice cream when daddy would get home from work.
And bot did she love it...
We also came in time for the county fair. It was NOTHING like the Orangde County fair! lol But it was awesome! Indee got to play on a huge tractor and we got to see my first demolition derby. It wasnt just any derby, it was with LAWNMOWERS!!! lol so funny to watch. Then a couple days later we went back and watched the greased pig contest. We had our first fried oreos and fell in love:) Indee loved all the animals that they bring for their contests :) So fun and different! A great welcome to Columbus:)

Columbus Walks

So we made it out to Columbus. Most everyday of the summer we went on a little 3 mile walk. We (a friend and I) would usually stop at this park to let the kids play.
One day we found this in our way. YUCK!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


So for Mechanical Engineering you have to do a capstone project. There were only two capstones that you had to apply for and they were both hard to get. Kevin applied to do the Hybrid race car and got it! It took MUCH of his time but he loved doing it:) We would try to go and watch them whenever they brought the car out to practice They would practice in the football stadium's parking lot. The day before Easter they did an Easter egg hunt at the stadium so we walked over. They had a 0-3 age group for one hunt and thats what Indee did! The parents were nuts!!! NUTS!!! They would fight over if someone cut in line or if they thought that one child was to old. Indee and I just stayed back while the parents picked up their kids and ran for the big stuff. They seriously sprinted. When the madness was over Indee picked up her candy! She just stayed on the outskirts but still got a whole bag of goodies:)

Cousins are in town!

Indee's cousin's and my sister in laws came up to visit us!! I love it when they come! Its so fun to be able to have family come visit and their hubby's were so nice to share them! Auntie Joyce was able to get us tickets to go to the Children's Discovery Musuem in Salt Lake City! The kids LOVED it! It was so cute! It was a mini world for the kids. THey had a farm, a grocery store, a house... and so much more but it was all miniature so that it was the kids size!! So much fun but most def tiring. Here is Indee on the way out of the parking garage!