Monday, October 22, 2012

Krewson in Columbus

Krewson is soo happy all the time. In fact when we took him in for his 6 mos check the nurse asked if he was always that happy. I said yes. Then we saw the dr. He came in and told us KRew had a very bad ear infection in BOTH ears!! The dr said if he were to rate it with 10 being the worse he would give it a 10! I felt so bad. Krew was just too happy for me to think anything was wrong. He does get ear infections so often and so bad that he does need tubes. Poor guy. We meet with the ENT on Halloween to sched a date! Here he is with a truck from Papa Mark
Our happy boy..
This is when I decided that he had outgrown his bassinet. lol. He's just a little crunched in there. Dont you think?
Having fun with mommy while daddy looks for glasses
His first big bonk on his head. I seriously cant remember how he got it.


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