Friday, November 2, 2012


Kevin- He is still busy at work. He says he is even more stressed with work then he was with school. Which must mean he is super stressed! Right now he is working on fixing the old car so that we can sell it. He would like to get a road bike and bike to work. I asked him about the snow and rain and he said he didnt care. lol.. we will see how that works. I know I wouldnt ride a bike in the snow and rain:) He comes home to eat lunch with me almost everyday. HE is sooo amazing! He seriously doesnt come hom and ever sit. He wrestles with the kids while I get dinner going then helps with their baths and dishes. I soo lucked in on Kevin!! Me- Just taking care of the kids:) Indee- She is potty trained. Even at night! She has done so amazing. We struggled for a few weeks and then said a SMALL prayer one night. The next morning a small thought came to not put any underwear or pull ups on her. And it seriously clicked instantly. She didnt necessarily like it at first but it worked. We are still working on her number 2's. She is also signed up for gymnastics starting this saturday!! I think she will love it. Krewson- Our poor son has had 8 ear infections his whole life. They keep coming back and so he is prescribed a stronger antibiotic everytime. We finally were able to get into the ENT dr and they said he needs tubes. So he has been crawling/pulling himself up for the past 3-4 months and hasnt developed past crawling. The dr said he probably wont without the tubes because his ears are full of soo much fluid. Right now Krew hears everything as if he is underwater. My poor boy. Its considered a surgery so he will have it done at the surgical center. He will be ut under for 4 minutes and it will take 2 minutes to put the tubes in. Due to the expense of it and our high deductibles our house hunting will be on hold:) To be honest I kind of dont want to move into a house because I REALLY want to go back to cali in 5 years or so. We will probably flip a house within that time but we will see. We may end up here forever!!

The happenings here in Columbus

This is what I found!!!!!!!!! I almost died. I took Indee's little seat off the toilet so that I could close the lid and there it was!!! Oh my gosh. Our friend wanted it for her preschool class so I made Kevin catch it. lol. he admitted he was a little scared after the fact
Indee's best friend. His mom and i switch babysitting each week so that we can get things done that we need. It has been wonderful!
And this was on our real estate agents window. It made me laugh. We really are in the country of Indiana:)

Chilly Columbus

It has been pretty chilly here staying under 50 so we have been doing this alot to save on bills. Oh my goodness it is awesome. It just gives such a homey lovey atmosphere. We have been loving it!

Happy Hippie Halloween!

So we decided to be Hippies this year!! :) We started Halloween out by going to our friend's ward party on Saturday. Then Indee had a little party with her school and got to decorate her very own pumpkim. We then went to a Halloween party at ur church and she got soooo much candy. Then Halloween night we went to a friend's get together and ate dinner. We left Krew with the party and took Indee out to trick or treat. After about 4 houses she tripped and got hurt. I dont know why it triggered her thought but she then noticed Krew wasnt with us and freaked out. She must have thought we forgot him somewhere. Poor girl. She sure loves him!
The kids wouldnt cooperate so you cant get the full effect of the costumes
I made Indee's outfit and she really liked it. lol. It was funny to watch her walk around in the pants. She thought she was a movie star.
We could not stop laughing at this one. So many people came up to take his picture because it was just too funny!! His outfit was sking tight:)


So I have done a little sewing. Well actually alot. Ive made more than this just havent taken pictures. But I love to sew. I just wish material wasnt so expensive...


SO I went to a salon and got a horrible haircut. Like the worst I had ever gotten. Indee would have cut it better! But a friend said she goes to FAntastic sams and really likes it... so I did too! And I like it:)
Kevin lost a bet at work. It was with the BYU V. Notre Dame game. I guess a guy he worked with went to Notre Dame and so they bet on the game. The school/person who lost had to do this:)