Monday, September 27, 2010

KIT with our family!!

Kevin- So the program that allowed Kev to do his MBA and master's together is ending. BYU has decided to get rid of it which means Kevin will now be only doing his Master's for the time being. Im not gunna lie... a part of me is releived that school is now lessened by two years but a part of me is sad because I know how much Kevin wanted to get his MBA out of the way now.

Missa- I am just working on losing my last 10 pounds... but Im not worried about getting it off fast so I am just doing 6 small meals a day of about 3-400 calories and when time permits I will work out... Mostly walks and then when Kev gets time I go running:) But my plan is to do at least a little work out 6 days a week... I just want my pre prego pants to fit like they used to.. who knows if they ever will.. lol

I am already excited to have more babies!! Am I soo nuts??? Kevin thinks so!! lol... we are gunna wait a little bit but I cant wait for Indee to have bros and siss!!

Indee is such a happy baby and loves to smile!! We love and adore her sooooooo much!!! Kevin and I fight over who gets to take her with them at church.. usually he wins since i am with her all week... lol She is sooo much fun!! and we are soo grateful that Heavenly Father sent her to us!!!

Indee Rae... now she's 8 weeks:)

So I was a week ahead of myself last week... Last week Indee was 7 weeks... this week she is 8!!! She had her 2 month check up- 10 lbs 9 ounces(47th %); 24 1/2 inches (98th %); and 15.39 inches for her head (57th %; She got her shots as well!! SOOOO sad!!! She screamed and I teared:( About an hour after I got home I received a phone call from the nurse that had given her the shots telling me that they had given her a wrong vaccine. Instead of giving her her HEP B shot they gave her HEP A!! I was soo upset to say the least. I wasnt mad at anyone but sooooooo upset with the mistake and sooo stressed about what had happened to Indee. I was soo afraid that because she was soo young that she would have bad side affects to the HEP A (they get this shot at 12 months). The next day I called and talked to her doctor and than to another doctor is a different practice to make sure shed be ok. I was reassued that she should be fine! But I was soo upset!!!

On a happier note... Indee hadnt pooped in 3 days!!!! I wasnt too nervous because I know her cousin was the same way. So I just called the doctor to verify that it would be ok and they said it was normal. But guess where she decided to let loose?....

I decided to stay home and watch the Women's General Conference portion because between feeding and changing diapers I just thought it would be easier. And guess who LOVED it.

She was doing her own thing but as soon as President Monson came on the TV she could not take her eyes away!! I LOVED it!!! She loves him!!! :)

This is what Indee looks like everytime it is time to sleep. I dont know what the deal has been the past couple of days but she is not wanting to sleep. Once we can get her to sleep she'll sleep well but getting her to sleep is the hard part... We let her cry and then after a while check her diaper/ put the passy back in and then start again. This will go one for soooo long... alot of the times its been soo long that she gets hungry again! I think she is just sooooo overly tired that she just cant get to sleep!!

Our friend, Sarah, drew this picture!! ISnt she sooooooooo good!!! I love it and cant wait to frame it!! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Us lately...

Kevin is playing football on his intermural team and its soo fun to see him!! He is way good!! :) But Indee and I went to watch him this past saturday, but she was cranky(naptime) and I totally forgot to take pictures!!! Sorry... I will this Friday!! Kevin is working harder than ever and has no time for just him!! He loves his little girl and if I am doing anything for her he always offers because he wants to do anything he can to spend more time with her.. even if its changing her poopy diaper:)

Me- not too much... just hanging out with Indee

Indee- She has her two month shots this week:(

Kevin and I went on our First real date since Indee was born this last week. Natalie and Christian watched her (a BIG thanks). It was soo nice! It felt weird to be out with just us again! WE went to outback and shared a yummy meal and then went to coldstone(I know I was not supposed to so we got a small size):) It was soooooo nice to go out on a date again!! :)

Indee 8 weeks old

Indee LOVES to smile and we LOVE it soooo much!!! In fact last night Indee was supposed to be going to bed, but the passy fell out so Kevin went in to put it back in. He said that when he went in she kept smiling at him! lol... i have a feeling that when Kevin puts her to bed it will be more of a play time than a night time!! :) But i think its fun that she has soo much fun with her dad Kevin was getting Indee undressed for her bath and this is what she looked like when he handed her to me. We couldnt stop laughing! So we went to Daddy's football game! So of course she had to wear her "I Love Daddy" outfit. But I totally forgot to take pictures of Dad playing football!! ARGH! Indee is getting sooo big and i love it! She is starting to get rolls and when she sleeps she puts her head down to her chest and her cheeks get so big!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! AWW she is soo stinkin' cute!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Pedicure!!

Indee loves getting her toes done!! lol.. not really.. she just kicked the whole time!! But she wasnt upset!! HAHA Here she is right after

I was looking at her and not the camera for this shot:)

Of course she needed flowers and rinestones.. :) Kevin just thinks its funny!!! lol.. I think its cute! (if you click on the picture, you can see the flowers)

Indee loves bath time

Indee loves bath time!! In fact she loves it so much that she cries when we take her out! :) Kevin and I usually give her a bath together... Well one of us will sit there while the other washes Indee and dresses her. We take turns! But its just fun to sit there and talk! But my cousins and Aunt gave us this little bathtub and it works great!!!! We love it!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Our little family...

More pics to come..

Indee- So I know everyone loves Indee most so we will start with her:)She is getting so big! She is so aware of everything around her and never wants to close her eyes in the event that shed miss anything. She now smiles at us when we say "BOO" to her. Before she smiled lots but I think because of gas, but now I know that she is smiling at us:) Thats really fun!! It makes me so happy to see her happy!
She had her first babysitter last Friday for my check-up. It was a "good/I miss her" feeling. I loved being able to sit in the waiting room and read but did miss her soo much. (A BIG Thanks to Aubrey for watching her:)) Can I just say I hate clipping her nails!!! SOOOOOO sad.... I pinched her skin. It didnt break her skin but she screamed and got such a sad face that I couldnt help but cry. When Kevin came home I told him and he laughed that I cried :) And sad again... Indee has been colic. We tried gas drops and nothing. So I stopped eating chocolate and dairy. She has been a ton better. Her tummy seems to be feeling better and she can burp a little better. But that week was sooo sad. She would just scream in pain and wake up screaming. The only way she would sleep is if she laid her tummy on our tummies (which made for a really tiring next day). So last night i tried to put Indee down so that Kev could get ready for bed. Kevin usually does this for me while I get a little break. So yea, last night I try putting her to bed thinking for sure I can do it because I put her down for all her naps!! She would not go to sleep until Kevin came in, laid her down, and gave her her goodnight kiss!!! lol... she sure loves her daddy! I love that she knows us and wants to be with us! :)

Kevin- He has such a big load this semester! He is taking 5 classes, working, and he just signed up for a football intermural team. Indee and I are excited to be his cheerleaders!! I am soooo grateful for the hardwork he does for our family and for how happy he makes Indee and I feel. He seriously is sooo amazing! He is constantly helping me with everything around the house and always helps me in the middle of the night with Indee. He always comes home and immediately is wanting to play with his family! I couldnt have asked for a better husband and a better dad for Indee.

Missa- So Im just hanging out with Indee! Nothing new! I have started to work out again and I never knew that working out would be soo difficult. I went running and did sit ups... I felt like I had never worked out a day in my life! Holy cow... who would have though that giving birth would mess you up that much? lol- not me! but yea.. so i have started to work out. Sometimes I run with Indee but its sooo much easier to wait til Kev gets home and go running then! Push ups? yea... I can barely do them! WOW- I have a long ways to go!!! :) BUt thats all Ive been up to!

We are having fun up here in Utah but cant wait until Christmas when we get to go back to California for a little bit! We love and miss everyone!!!!

More pics to come..