Sunday, November 21, 2010

not enough?

So I didnt think Kevin had enough shaving cream on, so I helped him:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Indee's 4 mos stats

At 3 mos and 24 days Indee now weighs 12.3 pounds (27th percentile), 25 inches long (82%), and her head circumference is 16.2 inches (60%).

She did sooooo well at her shots... Kevin was able to leave his class early and come with me! So he held her during the shots! The first one she didnt even move, but the second and third she started to cry. As soon as we put her passy in she just wimpered. I thought that she would be tired and out of it after because thats what happened with her last shots bu this time it seemed like she was more awake than ever. Her length of naps in total was 1.5 hours. Thats all the sleep she got during the day! But when we were feeding her her dinner she fell asleep in between mouthfulls of cereal. So we cleaned her up and put her to bed at 630!!! Because she hasnt been sleeping through the night lately, the dr told us to try to take her passy away. He said just do it cold turkey!! He said to take the passy away because thats what shes been needing to fall asleep. He said just lay her down and let her cry. Then she will teach herself how to fall back asleep in the middle of the night. So right now she is crying herself to sleep. Hopefully... she def has the crying part down:(

These past four months have been long but soooo fun!! We love having her in our lives and are sooo gratefull for her smiles and health!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

KIT with our family!!

Indee is doing so well! She has been now rolling for about a month! But now she doesnt it like its nothing for her! At first it was a little difficult nd took alot of determination. But now she can just do it:) She can sometimes get on all fours but thats very rare! But she still has lots of time! We are working on getting her to sleep through the night again... the past couple of weeks thats been an issue! But she seems to do better if Kevin goes in there to put the binky in. If I do, then she just wants to eat! She gets her shots on Wed... I am sooo sad for her already! I have to go by myself because Kevin has a lab that he cant miss. I already have everything prepared for that day so that I can just come home and cuddle/comfort her! I tried pulling out her 3-6 mos clothes but they are still big... There are just sooo many cute outfits that I cant wait to put her in!! She is still in size one diapers! She loves being read to and loves when KEvin and I sing to her! We are starting to read and speak to her in Spanish! She is such a happy girl and we love her soooo much!

Kevin is still working soooo hard at school and work! he is working with me on my spanish (which takes alot of patience on his side:))

Me- Im just working hard on Christmas presents. Im still learning spanish and its coming along... Kevin and I were at the grocery store and we were only speaking spanish.. it turned into a big spanish lesson rather than grocery shopping.. lol
Yup! Indee now eats from a spoon. I know she is a week early of four months, but my mom started me on rice cereal at two months and I turned out just fine... Well at least I think so.. lol! She LOVES it... She hated the rice cereal in the bottle but with a spoon, she thinks its amazing! She does really well too! She doesnt spit too much out! I try giving her some water from a bottle and she hates it! So I have to syringe it into her mouth! Maybe I should try a sippy! I can't feed her fast enough!
I dont know why these are showing up side ways because they shouldnt be, but we got Indee's pictures done!! I LOVE them!!!... So my cousin hires someone to babysit her kids a few hours out of the week so that she can run errands... She was so nice to ask me to do the job before putting out an ad! It has been sooooo much fun!!! Here are her beautiful kids... They love holding Indee. They are such good cousins to her!! Indee loves playing with them! Indee's sweet face... She loves to suck these two fingers. And I think she is a lefty because she favors her left hand, but it might be too soon to tell She is doing sooo much better at holding her toys! She has been trying soooo hard to be able to hold onto things! So lately it has been kinda like this in Utah... And because of it, Indee looked like this at Daddy's game... We couldnt stop laughing when we put her in it! But at least she was warm!

Monday, November 8, 2010

family pictures....

My little sister did our family pictures!!

She is really good!!! she only charges $50 for the first hour and $25 for every hour after that.. weddings are a little different!! But im lucky... I am her sister so we do a trade off... I cut and dye/ highlight her hair.. and she takes our pictures:)

But everyone should check her out:)

KIT with our family!!

We are having soooo much fun here with our little family!!! It really seems like life is sooo perfect and it really is! We are at a great school, Kevin has a great job that will be great to put on resumes, we live in a good apt, in an awesome ward, we have a TWO bedroom, friends, food in the fridge, drs when we need them, a warm bed, knowledge of our Heavenly Father's plan, a temple 100 yards away and eachother! I am sooooo grateful to our Heavenly Father for giving me this great life. Its funny how life works... we are definately the most poor we have ever been but, seriously, the most happy.

Kevin and I have decided to study the word Love in the scriptures every day. And Love turned into learning about Love through the Atonement! It really is amazing! Heavenly Father really did think of every detail in his plan for us!! What an amazing Father to give us a chance to return to Him. I dont think I understood His love for us as much as I do now that I have a baby. I cant imagine how he felt sending His Son to die for us. I am so grateful for our brother, Jesus Christ; for making it so that I can be sealed to my family forever and for giving me that chance to live with all of our family again!! :) How can life not be great?! :)

Sorry I am on a happy high right now:)

Indee is doing soooo well... she loves rolling! She rolls continuously but mostly from her back to tummy! She is still in 0-3 mos clothes. She is super skinny and can still where newborn but she is super long and can fit into 3-6 months for length! So she basically swims in everything she wears:) She has now decided to eat about every 2 hours, which we are working on:) She only goes number 2 every few days, but when she goes SHE GOES. It gets all over her clothes but thanks to SHOUT we do not have stains!!! She loves standing ALL the time. You can just tell how bad she hates being confined and how much she wants to be mobile! She talks soooo much more. In the car we listen to primary songs and she coos the whole time. I would like to think she is singing:) She is very sensitive. When i watch shows where someone is even fighting shell cry. When she hears others cry, she gets soo sad and cries. She just wants everyone to be happy:)

Kevin witnessed a weird thing happen at school the other day. So Kevin stays pretty late on campus to study. (sometimes he comes home to study but it will take him triple the time because I am always talking to Anyways, He was studying and someone was trying to get into one of the professor's office. So another professor that Kevin knows asked the guy if he needed help. THe guy told the profeesor that he needed a study guide that a prof was leaving. So the Professor went into the room where the offices were to look for a study guide and the guy that needed the study guide disappered. So the prof comes out and asks Kevin if he saw him. Kev said "no" and so the prof went to look. He found that the guy had taped the door so that it couldnt lock. The professor came out and told Kev what happened and then told the guy to leave. Kev said the professor left too and literally ten minutes later that guy was back. He was waiting by the door and as soon as someone came out of it he quickly caught the door to go in. Kevin didnt want to deal with it and so he just called campus police and Kev left to come home. He talked to the prof the next day and the prof told him that when the police came that guy was in the professor's office! This guy was seriously asking to be kicked out of BYU. We dont know what happened after that but soooooo weird!!! lol... who does that!??! The profeesor told Kevin that the guy should at least get in trouble for trying to break in soo

But Kevin is doing good. He has playoffs for football and we hope his team goes all the way:) Intermurals at BYU is a huge thing. Kevin and I think its funny how serious people are about it.Kevin finally got new jeans!! lol.. He's needed them but I am told that ever since he got back from Ecuador he has not wanted to spend money:) But before Ecuador he spent tons on clothes:) He would just always ask me to fix any holes he had. But Im glad he finally got himself some clothes:)

I was busy moving!!! it was so nice though. So many people helped by babysitting and one girl (who works, goes to school, and has a two year old) came over to help. She moved my whole closet (shoes, jeans, hangers), which if youve seen my closet thats a task in itself! and she moved all my books!!! Seriously it helped SOOOOOO much!!!! But it was sooooo nice having babysitters... I would drop her off and whenever she needed to eat Id take her, feed her, and bring her back!! Thank you to EVERYONE who helped!!! Seriously I couldn't have done it without my ward!! But now everything is situated and organized. OH it feels soooo good:) I am trying to work on presents... now I have to have them done even sooner than I thought because we are flying home... so now I need to ship them home in time for Christmas! But this next week.. thats all that I might do:) I am still getting to go to the gym which is sooo nice of Kevin!!

We are just having fun here!! We are sooo excited to have family come up around Thanksgiving!!! We seriously cant wait!! And its gunna be sooo weird to go to Christmas parties this year with a baby:) But I am sooooo excited to go home and be with family!! Seriously, SOOOO Excited!!!

Play time

Indee got a new toy!! And she seems to like it... she is still a little small for it so we use blankets to keep her upright! :) But we got this because she ALWAYS wants to be standing! She might be getting a little too mature for this toy. Everytime we put her under it she ends up not under it and like this: So I put her back under her toy nd literally a minute later she was like this: Indee hates being on her stomach but everytime we put her down she is immediatly on her stomach. She will complain a little bit and so we will help her roll back onto her back. Its weird, she used to always roll from her tummy to her back but since she has been rolling from her back to her tummy she hasnt gone from her tummy to her back very often. She does do it but its like she doesnt get that she can do it every time or something. lol So here is a video of this...