Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KIT with our family!!

So our computer is now broken and wont read any SIM cards or yea.. anything!!!! :( So no pictures to post

Kevin- is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy but still an amzing husband and dad! He is still working very hard and going to school!

Me- umm im still me!! lol

Now to the part that the grandparents want:

Indee- She is still super cute and growing like a weed! She is now in 6 month clothes and 9 month sleeper PJS! She is still in a size 2 diaper and probably will be for another Costco box of diapers:) So she still is pretty skinny! She has her first two teeth on the botton and I think she is getting her fangs! That should be pretty funny! She says: "uh oh", "mama", "baba", and "dada" but I dont think she knows what they mean:) She can get on all fours and rocks back and forth. Her hands will move forward but her legs dont which results in a flop onto her tummy:) She loves everyone else's toys but has a hard time sticking to hers:) One day outside she was next to a baby her age and they kept taking the toys from eachother and making eachother pretty upset. It was pretty funny. She still LOVES to read and LOVES kids. She will just see a kid and start laughing and smiling! She sleeps from 7pm til about 5-530ish am. I cant complain but would love it if she slept til 6.. at least:) lol She did have RSV/Bronchitis/ croupe all at once and has had croupe 3 times since she has been born. The dr thinks she has asthma and does have a breathing treatment for when its needing. We were soooo hoping that she wouldnt get asthma but it seems like both sides of her parents family has it pretty severe so I guess she was bound. Stinky! M aybe she'll grow outta it?!!?! She loves her bed and will cry for it! She still wont sleep in our arms! Which is bitter sweet:) But we will lay her down in her bed and she will close her eyes soooo tight before I even get a blanket over her. She loves to sleep with her face covered (scary at first- now I just remove it after a couple of minutes) and will sleep on her tummy about half the time! She doesnt cry when she wakes up... she will just talk until we come to get her!! She loves Jewelry.. especially my earrings(while they are still in my ears)! She is such a happy baby.. even when she is sick! This last time I took her to the dr she had the flu and croupe and was all giggles.. the nurse asked "Is she always this happy when she is soo sick?" the answer- "YES" but shes even more happy when shes not!! She is starting to cuddle more and will now lay her head on my shoulder which is HEAVEN!!! I absolutely love it!! :) I love being her mom!! She is the cutest and I already cant wait to have more:)