Sunday, May 8, 2011

My new Hobby

Kevin was amazing and got me an amazing present for Mother's day.... Well it was from Indee but we all know who picked it out!! So my favorite channel is the cooking network and I love the shows Cupcake Wars and The Last Cake Standing!! I could sit there and watch it for hours if I had time!!! But I never go to the cake decorating part of stores because I dont want to tempt myself to spend money!!! But Kev knows how much I want to be able to do amazing cakes and cupcakes so he did the shopping for me! He got me everything I needed to start: a cake stand, an icing spatula, frosting tips, couplers, fondant rollers, books and lots more... So he gave me the presents yesterday.
He gave me the cake and cupcake books and then said something like
"I didnt know you had cake decorating things under the bed"
Me- "we dont.. thats just the holiday decorations."
Kev- "no Im pretty sure it was cake decoriting things- just go look", Then he went to practice chipping at the golf course. I didnt go look because I knew I had no cake decorating things under the bed! but I was straightening up our room and looking to see if empty water bottles had fallen under the bed... and thats when I saw everything!! :)

I am actually soo excited about how it turned out!

It is homemade white Fondant....(Missa's husband would like to point out that this is her very first cake. She made the flowers and fondant from scratch!!!)

With homemade/handmade blue gum paste flowers...

And buttercream decorative trim...

Indee lately

Here are few things that Indee has been up to...

So my little sister needed our car one day while her's was in the shop and I needed to go to the library... So I decided that it would be a nice couple mile walk!! And we walked past one of my favorite places and saw these.... So we had to come back with Kev :)

She had so much fun looking at them. She wanted down but with all the duck poo we were not about to let her!

I love little moments like this...

So I dress Indee pretty ... umm.. not cute when we play outside because now that she is crawling she gets EVERYTHING dirty! Kevin thought it was soooo funny and added her water hat. lol Here she is on our porch having a blast...

Indee had been sick with a high fever, vomiting and diarrhea. It has been soooo hard to watch. She is just sooooo sluggish and doesnt want to do much. She definately is losing a ton of liquids. We brought her in to make sure that she is hydrated enough and they said yup and to just keep her hydrated. There is nothing that they can do. She has white spots on her throat as well and they are testing her for Strep. We will find out on Monday. But she did lose a whole pund in just one day. :(

I just laid a blanket over some towels and put her infront of one of the best movies ever. She kept just falling asleep. Out of all the times that she has been sick, i have never seen her this bad!! Its sooooooo sad.

Even when Indee is sick she isnt cranky!! She still her happy self!!! We love her soo much and hope that this passes quickly!