Thursday, August 26, 2010


So Kevin and I are finally adjusting!! We can actually get things done! I have set up a shcedule so on certain days I clean certain things. I am a bit of a clean freak and get stressed out if the house is messy. So now I only clean certain things certain days like Mon- kitchen (floors, cabinets..etc), Tues- Bathroom, sanitize doors, light switches...etc. Then every night and morning I spend 15 minutes cleaning( making the bed, dishes.. etc) It helps a ton so that I dont get overwhelmed and shut off. And It makes it so I give Indee all the time she needs. I also have set a goal to only go on facebook once a week and to blog once a week:) But I feel like I am so much more organized now. I love it!!

I am back to making dinners (not just frozen ones:)) and going on walks and yea!!! I feel great.. like I can actually do this haha!!!

Kevin is working hard as a Mechanical Engineering Lab Assistant! And when he is not working he is home with us helping to change diapers and burp Indee (she is soo difficult to burp) He starts school on Monday and thats when the real test will start. With his busy school load and work I will definately not get to see him much, which means I will be on diaper, feeding, burping duty alot more:) And grocery shopping/ laundry will be mine and Indees work:)Kevin is starting to look into taking all the tests that he will need to get into the MBA and masters program. He has a couple of schools that he will apply to that might require more tests which means BUSY BUSY BUSY!! If anyone knows of any ME internships in southern California let us know!!! I would love to go where family is:)

We miss and love everyone at home!!!

Indee.. Almost 5 weeks

Its so nuts to me how fast Indee is growing. She is almost 5 weeks (4 weeks and 6 days to be exact) and she has changed so much. Its so fun for Kevin and I to see her develop. I love watching her with her daddy. She has so much fun with him. She never smiles more than with her daddy and she talks soo much to him:) When he walks away her eyes will follow him and stay locked on the spot where he disappears:) He is such a good daddy!!!

Indee's Jaundice is almost gone. Her eyes are still a little yellow but the Dr said that it will go away. He said thats the last thing to lose the yellow. Im just glad we dont have to go get her blood drawn again. It's soo sad! She is now is 0-3, 3 mos clothes!! and size 1 diapers (well she still kinda fits in N's but we got size 1 diapers as a gift and are using them:)). She is sooooo long. She hasnt gotten chunky yet but will soon Im sure (I was a very chunky baby). She just seems to be on a major growth spurt! She wants to eat and sleep all the time! She will have one sleep spurt that lasts 5 hours and then usually wakes up every three hours after. Shell usually be up at 7 am and not really take a good nap until about 2! She tries to fight sleep soo much!! She doesnt want to miss a beat! then she will sleep until about 4-eat- go right back to sleep and wake up at 7. then we start her bedtime routine and she'll go to sleep at about 930ish. So we cant complain. We just need to learn to sleep when she does (which we havent been doing)

We seriously love Indee sooooooooooo much and cant get enough of her!!

Everytime she smiles I run to get the camera and when I come back she wont smile. She just stares at the camera!! So with Daddy's help she smiled.. lol

Indee's first....

So Indee has had ALOT of "firsts" but we havent taken pictures of everything. But here are just a few :)

Indee's first time in her Bumbo seat. I know it says not to use it until they are 2 months old but she does so well holding up her head I thought why not... lol.. I love it cuz I set it on my table while I clean... She likes just sitting and watching:)

So this one was nuts!!!! Kevin kept yelling "mommy, mommy" and I was cleaning so I just kept saying "what?". Finally he was like "Come here! Look at how well she is holding up her head". We were just excited about her being able to hold her head up so well. Then I was like "Wouldnt that be funny if she rolled over right now?" and literally 1 minute later she rolled over onto her back! Kevin was laughing and I was cheering!! She got scared at how loud we were and started to cry!lol But I cannot believe that at 4 mos and 2 days old she can roll from her tummy to her back. She now does it all the time when we try to do tummy time. Its hard to get her to stay on her tummy now!

Indee's first fair. We went to a small fair (Utah County Fair). It was free and soo much fun. It was actually our little family's first outing:) These baby chickens were born July 21st- 2 days before Indee:) So I had to take a picture... Kevin thought I was being funny! lol

Doesnt Indee look soo excited to be so close to the cows behinds? lol... All of the cows were facing the fence.. so this was the best shot:)

Indee's first temple trip. Kevin and I have decided that we would try to go to the temple grounds every week with Indee. So for our family night we headed up there:) It's soo fun having the Provo temple soooo close:)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Indee's Blessing

Indee was blessed this past Sunday and it was amazing!! She is such a sweet girl and Spirit she brings into our home is soo awesome!

We had some family come up to celebrate this special time with us!! We loved seeing you all and wish it could have lasted longer!!! We miss you all!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my garden!!

So I started a garden and had to post these pictures because its working!! Things are actually growing!! :)

A cacoon!!!



More of Indee:)

Indee is getting soooooo big!!! She is lifting her head soo much more and starting to smile. Sometimes she can, but alot of the time you can just see her try really hard :). We are soo in love with her and cant get enough of her. She is seriously such a good baby and has been such a blessing to us and our home.

She just had her two week check up and I went by myself!!! SOOOOO sad!! She had to get her foot pricked again for the newborn screening and the nurse doing it was new and training! She was having the hardest time getting blood from her foot and they had to prick her multiple times. Indee was soooo upset! Ive never seen her soo upset!! I thought I would cry so I didnt wear makeup, but instead of crying I was sooo upset with the nurses. ARGH! And then she got a shot! Her first shot! She was so sad the rest of the day!!

When Indee was born she weighed 8 lbs 5 ounces. When she left the hospital she was 7 lbs 14 ounces. At yesterday's checkup she was 8 lbs and 12 ounces:) She is now over 21 inches and is in the 50th percentile for length, weight, and head circ. She is definately growing:) The dr said she is very healthy and her jaundice is looking really good.

We bless Indee this Sunday!! Im so excited for her!!! I think that will be another no makeup day:) lol And she will get to meet her gma and gpa for the very first time. Im soo excited!

Indee always makes this face and it makes me laugh. She spazzes, sticks her neck out and lifts her head. But I love the "o" shape she makes with her mouth!! :) AWW!! I love her soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

First day of church

We brought Indee to Sacrament meeting last Sunday for the first time! We had her dressed in a cute dress but she spewed all over it! So thats why she is in the onesie!:) She did soo well, but she is only 2 weeks old:) I think we will start going to just sacrament meeting for the next few weeks. Im nervous to expose her to soo many people in such a small area, so we keep her in her carseat with the cover over. But we will ease into the whole church block.:)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Indee Rae


So we went to the dr's office this last week because Indee seemed to be breathing funny. THe Dr asked if we have asthma in our family. Yea we have lots... He said its too soon to say if she has asthma or not but said that we shouldnt worry. Well, they weighed her and at 9 days she weighed 8 lbs 8 ounces. :) She is definately growing TONS!!! She is sooo fun and such a good baby. She rarely cries! We love her soo much
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