Thursday, June 7, 2012


So for Mechanical Engineering you have to do a capstone project. There were only two capstones that you had to apply for and they were both hard to get. Kevin applied to do the Hybrid race car and got it! It took MUCH of his time but he loved doing it:) We would try to go and watch them whenever they brought the car out to practice They would practice in the football stadium's parking lot. The day before Easter they did an Easter egg hunt at the stadium so we walked over. They had a 0-3 age group for one hunt and thats what Indee did! The parents were nuts!!! NUTS!!! They would fight over if someone cut in line or if they thought that one child was to old. Indee and I just stayed back while the parents picked up their kids and ran for the big stuff. They seriously sprinted. When the madness was over Indee picked up her candy! She just stayed on the outskirts but still got a whole bag of goodies:)

Cousins are in town!

Indee's cousin's and my sister in laws came up to visit us!! I love it when they come! Its so fun to be able to have family come visit and their hubby's were so nice to share them! Auntie Joyce was able to get us tickets to go to the Children's Discovery Musuem in Salt Lake City! The kids LOVED it! It was so cute! It was a mini world for the kids. THey had a farm, a grocery store, a house... and so much more but it was all miniature so that it was the kids size!! So much fun but most def tiring. Here is Indee on the way out of the parking garage!