Tuesday, May 7, 2013

So Grateful

The day after we found out how much construction we needed on our home I taught a lesson about trials of faith and that trials bring forth blessings...At that time I didn't see blessings and for me it was hard thinking about the financial burden on us, the physical burden on Kevin and the health burden on Indee. Then it got harder that night when we realized that due to Indee's asthma we had to now stay somewhere else .. And not having family here was even harder.  And then Kevin's car broke down. I just thought how much worse? AND THEN Indee's accident... and I lost it. It has been the most emoitional time of my life. But  there was a comment in class about how their is always a light at the end of the tunnel and that we wll be able to see the blessings if we look and that I have. I know Heavenly FAther loves me and that He wants GREAT for us. So I just keep remembering that there are blessings to come from this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am sooo very grateful for all the help, love and support that we have  received this last month. This has been a very hard month but so many people have stepped forward and helped in ways that would be so hard for me. Wives have given up their husbands for many nights and  some of the wives have given up their husband almost every night since our house has been constructed on! So many people have babysat, helped me paint and clean. I have gained best friends through this event and for that I am grateful. I have grown closer to my husband and my children. Everyone has been so loving to my daughter sending presents and get well cards. Her nursery class at church made her a pretty card! The love that I have felt here in Indiana and even from our friends and family across the country has been unreal! Thank you all so much!