Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kev's project

Kevin had to do a group project for one of his classes. I dont know what they had to be figuring out but they decided to do a potato gun. He made the gun and they all got together to do the project. It was really fun to watch. They used hairspray as the accelerant and I was way surprised how well it worked!! It was really fun! One of the potatos stayed in the air for over 9 seconds! Thats how high up they got it!!!

My 24th Birthday

So KEvin took me to Texas Road house for an early Birthday dinner last Saturday and This is what they make you do for your Birthday. What was I gunna say? "No"? yea not soo much. When they said "yee-haw" I had to wave the napkin in the air!!! And then they yell across the resturant that its my birthday and they say how old I am! This resturaunt instantly became Kev's fave and my most hated... but the food is really good:)

Turkey Break cont...

So we got Indee's ears peirced and I was having anxiety! I really wanted them peirced but Kevin wasnt too thrilled. He said that if I wanted to inflect unnecessary pain on Indee then I had to be the one holding her! Ive never held her for shots because its just too hard so I was soooo afraid!

This is what Indee looked like when we walked into the store!

Drawing dots on the ears and Indee having no idea what was ahead of her!

Ready... Set...

And they did it. She was not happy

So I was comforting her!!! And Yes the passy came back! There was noooo way that I was going to do this without letting her have the passy!

But literally 30 seconds later this is what she looked like...

Next it was her cousin, Addi's, turn and she wasnt soo cooperative. Maybe she saw Indee go first and knew something bad was gunna happen!

She was moving alot so her uncle Kevin came and switched spots with her mom

Addi after with her sooo cute-new earrings...

Turkey Break!

So we had a lot of fun over our Thanksgiving break!!! First and foremost it was sooooo fun to have Kevin home from work and school! We loved playing with him!!!

Here are a few things we did ove rour break...

Indee didnt have a pair of skinny jeans so of course I had to make her some:)

Daddy was trying to get a picture of her looking sad with this toy on her head but she loved it!!

Indee having fun in her toy! She loves it!

So Kevin's sister, her kids, brother and mom came up to visit. It was soooo much fun!
I was trying to get a picture of Jonathan and Braden together but they just kept moving. We probably took 20! but after a couple pictures Braden says "Hurry, my arms are hurting." We all started to laugh and told him that he didnt have to hace his arms up for the pictures. He looked sooo surprised and releived. HAHA. He had the biggest smiles for the rest of the pictures.

Indee opening her 1st present..

Indee being held by her cousin, Gavin. I kept trying to get him to smile but he wouldnt. When i would turn away he was smiling and laughing it up with Indee!

Brianne wanted her hair like a princess. We took a picture of it because she had to go to bed and she knew it would get messed up