Monday, March 11, 2013

funny kids:)

My life really is so good. I am so blessed. Today my kids did a few funny things. Well, I thought they were cute:) Indee: When I picked her up from preschool I was handed a picture that had a y on it and a peice of yarn glued to it. And I asked her "Indee, what is it?" And she yelled, super excitedly "YARNING". :) I Love her Kevin came home for lunch today and kissed the kids goodnight at naptime and then walked out. Indee started crying for him so I told her that she could see him when he gets home from work. But that wasnt good enough so Kevin had to come back to tell her that he would play with her as soon as he got home. lol... We then shut the door and she went to sleep::) And my tough boy, Krew: I was outside getting a hammer out of the tool shed and i hear a thump on the ground. Krew's head had smacked the ground hard so I ran over but noticing that he had not yet noticed me and with him not crying I quickly ran back to the shed to watch. Krew just got up and acted as if nothing happened. He makes me laugh!! I love my wonderful family!!! :)