Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today was a good day!

Lately I have been having ALOT of bad days. Days where I just REALLY want to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing! Does that ever happen? No and thats probably the only reason as to why I want to. But I love my family too much to ever do that! But ALL last week consisted of babies throwing up, having diarrhea and crying. I heard ALOT of crying... but between those moments I got lots of snuggles. And thats why i wouldnt wallow in any stupid emotions. But today Indee had 2 friends over. Although there was lots of tattling and yelling:) "jack touched my toy" lol, i saw soooo many smiles out of Indee and days like this make life so worth it!! She is such a cutie and she is sooo much fun! I love hearing her laugh!! We watched Tangles and the two kids that came over (4 years old) started saying "eww" when repunzel kissed the boy at the end and indee started laughing and saying "ewwww" for the next 10 minutes. She totally didnt get why they were saying it but it totally made me smile!! She is such a sweetheart!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


My sweet Krew... Krew on his first birthday... lol... hopefully Krew wont hate us but this was his only birthday present from grandma and grandpa... We had been so busy and yea didnt get around to it.... Im such a bad mom! Krew is super mobile. He has been walking since he was 10 mos old He is such a sweet heart and is getting more and more cuddly. He gives kisses. Whenever I pucker up he leans into me with his mouth open gives us a slobbery face:) He folds his arms for prayers He claps and is starting to point. He gives high fives He says a few words but the ones he actually uses are mama, buhbuh (buhbye), and babababa- (milk) He loves animals and has so much fun walking around petco He will walk up to us with a huge smile and put his hands straight in the air- meaning "pick me up"- this is something indee never did. Well maybe she is starting to do it now:) He is a very happy boy and LOVES his sister even if she is kind of rough! We love our handsome boy very much!


We have been one sick family here at the Pellegrino home! We caught that nasty flu bug that has been going around. That was the first time that I have had to take care of two very sick babies while being very sick myself. Man that was sooooo hard. Normally i get sick but not at the same time! Kevin, luckily, did not get sick and helped me alot when he got home from work! Funny story: Krew had done soo well all day keeping down plain foods and pedialight so I thought Ill give him a little milk. And Krew LOVED it! Kevin came home shortly after and I handed Krew over. Not even a minute later KRew had thrown up on him!! Like bad throw up! so I come over to kevin to try and help and all I could do was gag!! So Kevin said he would take care of it. :) I took Indee up stairs and hung out with her there, And then the next day I literally stuck to just pedialite for krew.. no food or milk. He again did so well. Well Kevin came home and I again handed him off. AGAIN, not a minute later, Krew threw up all over him! lol... I know it really shouldnt be funny but it wsa to me because both days as soon as Kevin came home he got thrown up on!! What are the chances when Krew hadnt been throwing up all day. Indee had more of a really bad cold with a fever. She needed a few breathing treatments but besides that it really wasnt too horrible for her. The week was hard but both of my kids cuddled with me the entire week and I wouldnt have traded that for the world!


Indee is such a sweet sweet girl!! I love her so much. She is so caring! The other day she was being so quiet at bedtime and doing everything she was supposed to be doing (staying quiet, not jumping off her bed, not throwing things into Krew's crib) and so I went in to just say thank you to her. She bit her tongue and was telling me how it hurt and I told her how I bit my cheek. Then she kissed my cheek to make it better! :) When I say "Thank you", or anyone for that matter, she says "No, problem." She is getting so much better at playing with Krew softly and not kicking him in the face. And yes that has been quite a problem:) She is just not starting to want to hold Krew which is pretty dificult because he is very mobile and no longer wants his sister to hold him. She is in a 3 and 4t depending on the clothes. She is the size of a 4 year old which gets me some awesome looks in the store when she is on the ground screaming and having a melt down. lol She LOVES Diego and George and has asked for a Diego Birthday party:) She loves gymnastics and asks to go everyday! She is starting to identify a few letters and loves to color and paint!! She is such an awesome little girl! I am so grateful that she is in my life and that i get to cuddle that cutie!! :)

Indee and Jack

So I dont know if Jack knows this, but he is Indee's best friend. She asks for him daily!!! Every night before she goes to bed she asks if she can jump with Jack- meaning if she could go to gymnastics with him. This was taken at a holiday party but I thought it was soo cute! And I am pretty sure her Spiderman fedish is because Jack likes Spriderman! :)