Sunday, February 24, 2013


My sweet Krew... Krew on his first birthday... lol... hopefully Krew wont hate us but this was his only birthday present from grandma and grandpa... We had been so busy and yea didnt get around to it.... Im such a bad mom! Krew is super mobile. He has been walking since he was 10 mos old He is such a sweet heart and is getting more and more cuddly. He gives kisses. Whenever I pucker up he leans into me with his mouth open gives us a slobbery face:) He folds his arms for prayers He claps and is starting to point. He gives high fives He says a few words but the ones he actually uses are mama, buhbuh (buhbye), and babababa- (milk) He loves animals and has so much fun walking around petco He will walk up to us with a huge smile and put his hands straight in the air- meaning "pick me up"- this is something indee never did. Well maybe she is starting to do it now:) He is a very happy boy and LOVES his sister even if she is kind of rough! We love our handsome boy very much!

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