Thursday, February 28, 2013

Today was a good day!

Lately I have been having ALOT of bad days. Days where I just REALLY want to lay in bed and do absolutely nothing! Does that ever happen? No and thats probably the only reason as to why I want to. But I love my family too much to ever do that! But ALL last week consisted of babies throwing up, having diarrhea and crying. I heard ALOT of crying... but between those moments I got lots of snuggles. And thats why i wouldnt wallow in any stupid emotions. But today Indee had 2 friends over. Although there was lots of tattling and yelling:) "jack touched my toy" lol, i saw soooo many smiles out of Indee and days like this make life so worth it!! She is such a cutie and she is sooo much fun! I love hearing her laugh!! We watched Tangles and the two kids that came over (4 years old) started saying "eww" when repunzel kissed the boy at the end and indee started laughing and saying "ewwww" for the next 10 minutes. She totally didnt get why they were saying it but it totally made me smile!! She is such a sweetheart!

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