Friday, November 2, 2012


SO I went to a salon and got a horrible haircut. Like the worst I had ever gotten. Indee would have cut it better! But a friend said she goes to FAntastic sams and really likes it... so I did too! And I like it:)
Kevin lost a bet at work. It was with the BYU V. Notre Dame game. I guess a guy he worked with went to Notre Dame and so they bet on the game. The school/person who lost had to do this:)


kevinandmissa said...

This is Robin - Wait....What was the bet? Shave your head or grow a beard? I am more shocked over the beard. Is that really his??? I'm confused, I didn't know my little boy could grow a beard.

kevinandmissa said...

PS - Missa, your hair looks great.....I'm still in shock over Kevins beard.

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