Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Hippie Halloween!

So we decided to be Hippies this year!! :) We started Halloween out by going to our friend's ward party on Saturday. Then Indee had a little party with her school and got to decorate her very own pumpkim. We then went to a Halloween party at ur church and she got soooo much candy. Then Halloween night we went to a friend's get together and ate dinner. We left Krew with the party and took Indee out to trick or treat. After about 4 houses she tripped and got hurt. I dont know why it triggered her thought but she then noticed Krew wasnt with us and freaked out. She must have thought we forgot him somewhere. Poor girl. She sure loves him!
The kids wouldnt cooperate so you cant get the full effect of the costumes
I made Indee's outfit and she really liked it. lol. It was funny to watch her walk around in the pants. She thought she was a movie star.
We could not stop laughing at this one. So many people came up to take his picture because it was just too funny!! His outfit was sking tight:)


kevinandmissa said...

Robin said....Too cute.... But is that really Kevin's facal hair???......I'm still in shock!

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