Monday, October 22, 2012

Indee in Columbus

I think Indee has had a harder time being here. She came from a place where she could play with the same friends every day, almost all day. And now its hard to be able to do. Practically impossible. I try to take her somewhere every morning or most mornings. But she doesnt play with kids like she used to and she has a REALLY hard time playing with new people. She just doesnt. After at least an hour of encouraging her to play with someone new she will but by then we or they are leaving. I feel bad for her. Here she is after dressing herself:)
She LOVES helping me. If I am doing dishes, she wants to help. IF I am cooking, she wants to help. If I am cleaning the bathroom, she wants to help. She is always finding ways to help me:)
At the firestation with her joyschool class. She liked it until the fireman got dressed into his gear. She lost it after that. She was so freaked out.
Proof that she loved this car at some point so that when she turns 16 she cant complain:) lol
This "meow" used to hang out by our house and she loved to play with it. IT was great because we got a pet without having to do anything for it! :) Sadly our neighbors moved and took the kitty with them. No more free pets!
Indee on her first horse ride. We went to Apple Works apple orchard. It was so fun. She rode a choo choo train, rode on a horse, got to pet animals, play in hay and all kinds of fun stuff. We were going to take a hay ride and pick our own pumpkin but we had a melt down so we went and ate dinner instead:)
She never stops making me laugh! She is soo fun! Here she is picking the coins out of the fountain! lol... I made her put them back...

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