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FYI- Indee's story with Pics

Disclaimer: a picture of Indee's finger is at the end

About a month ago (on a Saturday) we found a leak in the kitchen. When we noticed that leak, we saw that it had damaged the under part of the cabinet. We wanted to know if it had done damage to the subfloor so we started lifting the flooring  and the saw that the damage spread pretty far; most of our family room and all of the kitchen. It had also damaged all of the base cabinets. When we had lifted the floors all the bad came up into the air, and with Indee and her asthma she woke up all night wheezy and needing treatments along with steroids. Well, so by Monday Kevin and I decided that she couldn't be in the house and that we would have to get a hotel. We had no idea for how long but we knew that we couldn't keep her in the house until this was fixed.

Our friends(now I feel like immediate family) called and said "We have pizza for dinner and we heard you need help so we will be there in a minute". Seriously one of the many grand blessings we have received through this was them!! Well Janna took the kids to the park while I had to go do a few things for church. I came back to the house while a lot of guys came to help rip up subfloor. When I walked in it was super- emotionally overwhelming. And then Kevin told me that it had actually damaged our master bedroom which shares a wall with the kitchen. I lost it. I broke down in front of all these guys who came to help. Kevin hugged me and said sorry for something that was way beyond his control. But I just was so overwhelmed!

Terry and Janna asked me where we were planning to stay and they offered their home, which we are now going on 3 weeks with them! It has been such a blessing being here. They have young kids who love my kids and my kids love them! And they are so fun to talk to:) They have totally welcomed us and have not made us feel like the intruders that we are!!

So, last week Kevin's starter went out on his car. And that was ANOTHER big blow. Not only are we having to put unexpected money into our house we are now having to put it into this car!!!! I just didn't know how minute these things would be within just a few days!

This past Saturday morning I wasn't feeling very great and so Kevin let me sleep in! So I got up at about 830 and Kevin left at 9, with our good friend Steve, to go work on the house. I knew I couldn't help on the house but wanted to get out with the kids so I thought I would just go get a couple Little Ceaser's pizzas for the guys working on the house that day. We pulled in at exactly 10:27am. I remember because Indee wanted to get out and climb up with me in the front. The car was off and I remember thinking "I should just have her wait a few minutes and get them out when I get out of the car" but I thought "What the heck? They can play with me for a few minutes until the store opens.
So I got them both out and Indee started to climb up first. She asked if I could open the sun roof and since it was a nice day I agreed.
           At 10:28 I opened it and heard screaming. Indee had put her fingers on the track as I opened it. He little finger got stuck. By the time I could stop the sun roof her finger was almost all the way open. I tried to tug her finger and move the sun roof with my hands and couldn't. The man in his car next to me saw us and I yelled for him to please help me.

 He tried to get in the car and it was locked. So I quickly unlocked it. She just kept trying to pull her finger out and couldn't. I tried to have the sun roof move back by pressing the button and all it did was drag her poor finger along with it. It was stuck in the track under the wheel and when I looked at it to see what I could do I saw bone and her ligaments. That's when I lost it! I started yelling to the man to call 911. He quickly did! And I called Steve's phone and through sobs asked them to come to Little Ceasers now and hung up so that I could try to help Indee. Kevin called back thinking the worse and asked me where I was. I told him where we were and that I couldn't get Indee unstuck. He said he felt a lot of relief which was good because one of us needed to be calm for Indee and as much as I tried I couldn't.

I was crying and of course Indee was crying. Krew was screaming in the back seat. I seriously lost it. There was absolutely nothing I could do for my sweet little girl but hold her arm up so that she wouldn't keep trying to pull it out. I just remember yelling "please ask them to hurry" through my sobs. I was so heartbroken and sad for my sweet baby who had no idea what was going on but knew that her finger was hurt and I couldn't fix it!

That was the longest 4 minutes of my wife. As soon as Indee heard the sirens from the cars she stopped crying and said "WHOO WHOO whoo like Aunt Tami's car" she stopped crying and didn't cry again throughout the day. She used to be afraid of those noises but has grown to love them.

A man and woman EMT came first. The man went straight to the window to see how to get her out. And the lady went straight for Krew. Police then showed up and one took Krew out of the car and away from the scene so that more guys could get in. Then came the firetruck. I was still holding her arm up but the firemen had asked me to move and they got in there with her.

  Finally, Kevin came with Steve and I ran to the car and LOST it. Kevin first made sure that I was ok and then ran to Indee. He than ran to Indee and held her arm up. I went off to the side and started crying and hyperventilating. A Police came up to me and said "Mom she is asking for you." I would try to pull it together and go up to comfort her but could only for a second.

The scene was so overwhelming for me. There were two guys on top of the car. One on each side. one on front and 4 in the car trying to get her out. They had to bring in another firetruck that had better equipment and then had to go to Autozone because they needed more tools to get her out. I didn't want her to see me losing it so I would walk away and try to compose myself but each time I did the cop would quickly come back and say the same thing "Mom she needs you and is asking for you" I felt like the most awful mom. Not only did I open the window and hurt her but I couldn't be there for her because I was to emotional and couldn't get it together! I was there when they got her finger out and her poor little finger was so broken and mangled. They saw it, immediately put a towel around it and decided that it be best she go to the hospital in the ambulance. Kevin was much more composed so he rode with her.

The firemen were very nice and tried to put the car back together as much as they could, which I am grateful for, but I just wanted to rush to the hospital. I followed a cop car there so that I could get there quickly. I get to her room and she is just in smiles! She hadn't even gotten pain meds yet but she did have a cute little lamb from the EMT :)

  I went out to a little area of the hospital and called my mom. We both cried and I vented about how horrible of a mom I am. And she kept reminding me that its ok and that it is only a finger. But I did it. I had no idea how dangerous the sunroof was but I also never checked to see how dangerous. Although Indee was emotionally WAYYYY happier than I would have ever guessed I was the reason she was now in the hospital and I felt overwhelmingly terrible!

They took Xrays and the dr came in and said "no breaks but it looks dislocated. I don't think it cut all the way through" They wanted to put the joint back in place, stitch it up and splint it- than have us see a hand specialist Monday. We asked that she see one that day. So the sent us to St. Vincents up in Indianapolis and the staff there started to prep the room to do basically what the first dr had said she was going to do. I was totally ok with that if that's what the hand specialist would advise but we wanted them to make that call. We didn't feel very confident with the ER dr.When the hand specialist got there he looked at it and said that the he needed her to be sent to OR to have it done. He told us that depending on how bad it was it could take 30 minutes -2 and a half hours to fix. Watching Indee be wheeled away with the pediatric anesthesiologist was such an awful sight. She was still fully aware of everything when they took her. Again I just had to watch and couldn't do anything.

The dr came out 2 hours later and said that her finger was connected by one tendent and a couple of nerves. Her joint and bone had been "severly damaged" which could mean that because she is so young it might fuse together leaving no mobility and feeling. But he said the blood flow looked good and he felt that her finger should take. She now has a pin holding her finger in place.

We go in on Thursday to see how it looks and will find out more news, hopefully. She has totally been a little crazy girl and cranky at times. She has acted like none of this has happened by the way she still tries to use her hurt hand to pick herself up, play, etc. It scares me to death because the pin is sticking out of her finger. She does have it wrapped but it still scares me so much!

On Sunday she was telling everyone how the fire trucks came for her and the "whooo whoos". And how the dr fixed her. And today some of her friends were asking her why she had a cast on and she said "because I get pizza and I go to the drs" lol

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