Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This month has definitely been a crazy one!! But through all of it we have had so many blessings. There have been so many people who have helped us. I really feel like the people here in Indiana have become our family. Everyone has been so helpful and offering whatever they can for us. It definitely isn't that bad. It could be way worse right? It started with the car and then the house... And then our sweet little girl getting a BIG ouchie. But all of this has seriously put so much into perspective! I have been so torn up about what happened with Indee and am still weepy over it (even thought it has not traumatized her at all) but a friend who had a very similar story to Indee's reminded me that we saw and felt a glimpse of what our Heavenly Father did during the atonement. Definitely not to that degree. But that seriously put all this into perspective for me. We are here to be there for each other and to help each other return to our Father in Heaven so that we can all be happy TOGETHER! And that's what so many people are doing for us. They have been there for us!! They have showed us so much love!! I am so grateful too be able to have all of them in my life! All this in our physical life is temporal. Its just for now and not forever.. But my family and friends are and I am so grateful for the friendships that these trials have brought to us.

Another blessing: My prayers have been consisting of Indee getting her finger back and the surgery working. That she will get full fnction of that little finger and that it wont cause her any problems in the future but I have been so worried because she hasn't been having pain in her finger which to me meant Nerve damage. And that's a scary thing. But I was talking to my sister, well texting, and she asked how indee was doing. I just told her that she hasn't complained once of pain but that I was nervous because she wasn't complaining. She told me that my whole family has been praying that Indee wont feel the pain. It seriously brought me to tears. This time they were tears of joy. Because of their faith, my baby is comfortable:)


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